Thursday, June 04, 2015


“Little C” is well enough to go see her GP today – last week she could hardly move, so this is real progress.

Greek Helen has taken over as Chief Telephone-er from Ketki who is in India this week. Yesterday she got permission for me to visit my husband in hospital in the late morning. I'll try that today. It'll make a big difference to the shape of my day if it is successful.

Yesterday I visited a terrific care home. (They have wi-fi; I was tempted to book myself in.) Everything we could ask for, including excellent physiotherapy -- except that there were no beds available. Helen is investigating a couple of others. I must try to find out the procedure for being discharged to a care home.

She is also trying to book a telephone conversation with my husband's Elderly Care dr. I spoke to her a couple of days ago, and liked her. I tried to talk about bad temper and didn't get very far. Helen is going to concentrate on prognosis, and on his chances of getting a bed at the Royal Victoria (single rooms, strenuous rehabilitation).

My husband was sleepy yesterday and the visit therefore less painful than some.


I just went on with the Fantoosh yesterday, and have made a start on the 14-lozenge rank – the last one if I were knitting the smaller version. I hope my rearranged day (see above) will afford more knitting time.

It's nearly time to switch to a longer circular needle.

Amazon keeps adroitly tempting me with knitting books. I've ordered Zilboorg's “Knitting for Anarchists”. It's several years old, but I didn't know about it. I'm tempted by Mucklestone both on Scandinavian designs and Fair Isle ones. Both topics are pretty extensively covered by what is on my shelves already, so I may be able to resist.


  1. All of this finding out and visiting places and making appointments is like a full-time job on top of the daily hospital trek. So good you can get in more knitting and a nap!

  2. One good thing about our hospital, you can visit whenever you wish around the clock. When my mother was in hospital, my one brother would visit during the day, my other brother in the middle of the night after his shift, and I in the evening after work. Now you can't always find a doctor to talk to, but at least you can do your visiting on your own schedule and contact the doctor by phone.

  3. =Tamar4:10 PM

    Speaking of new knitting books: John Scalzi just posted Toni Carr ("Joan of Dark")'s new book, Geek Knits. It seems to have some cute stuff.

    Hooray for flexible visiting hours.

  4. I hope all is well today and you find just what you need to help your husband recover, and you to get some rest.

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    The Fantoosh is growing very fast - it looks lovely.
    Glad you are making the larger version!
    Thanks for taking the time to keep your readers informed.
    We are definitely thinking of you and your family.

  6. That's two days with no post. I hope everything is alright and that you're just too busy..

  7. Also wondering......

  8. Good thoughts and prayers for you and all your family. Your Internet friends are all holding you in their hearts.

  9. Sending good wishes as well... hope silence means you are moving him to a rehab...

  10. MaureenTakoma1:59 AM

    Hoping all is well.

  11. =Tamar4:50 AM

    Good wishes and comfort to you and yours.