Thursday, June 11, 2015


I pressed on with the 16-lozenge rank of the Fantoosh yesterday, and have successfully navigated the least-fun rows of the pattern, where the twisted-rib is established which draws together at the top of each lozenge. I mean, ribbing is bad enough, but twisted... But every right-side row thereafter reduces the amount of ribbing and increases the st st.

I read some more Zilboorg yesterday, too, not always understanding what I was reading. I'll have to go back over some of it. It made me re-appreciate the utter lucidity of EZ's prose.


All continues well. I think my husband is improving somewhat. Visits are certainly less painful than they were. I think I might take along a pocket square today.

He said he had a long interview with social worker yesterday about our Way of Life and that she will eventually be in touch to check on my version.

Greek Helen should be here this afternoon, insh'Allah. She plans to make some soup and take along a book to read aloud tomorrow and stay at the hospital for quite a while. I think I'll stay home and get my driving license application in. I haven't even figured out yet whether I need a new photograph. Blogging not guaranteed for the next two days.


Archie had another good day yesterday. He went to the press launch of the Edinburgh Book Festival. The journalists, including Archie, all got goodie bags including some whiskey. Perfectly legal – he's 18. He was rather pleased, but left it behind at the office.

I seem to have set Blogger to moderate-all-comments. I didn't mean to do that and will try to change it now.

CKP, that Persian stew sounds terrific. I think I can even get pomegranate juice, as well as seeds, at the supermarket. But tonight will be a simpler Ken Hom involving tofu.

Hilde, I think I would start with Nigella's book “How To Eat”. “Kitchen” is also very good. Archie and I have been living out of “Nigella Express” this week. Last night's chilli was a success – not blindingly hot, but blindingly hot wasn't wanted.


  1. Ellen1:49 PM

    I am so glad that a social worker spent time with your husband yesterday, as this was once my job. It was my experience that the patient tended to describe themselves at their very best, or in some cases, as they once were, but failed to acknowledge the reality of NOW. If the SW on his case knows their business, they will be the key to getting you the help that you have been teying to locate for yourself, so be prepared to share the very worst of how things have been working for you. It is also possible for the SW to verbalize the "hard truths" that the family has trouble articulating, or, that the family has had trouble understanding: that this is the new reality, and that things must be different now. I hope that you get the full advantage of what they are able to offer.

  2. I just googled Ken Hom, thinking it was an Asian dish that might be fun to try. I see. KayT's comment on internship "a flunky for an idiot, which of course was great training for future employment " made me laugh out loud. Whiskey and swag on day 2, good for Archie.

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Sounds as though things are looking up on all fronts - so glad.
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. Anonymous4:58 AM

    It is so good to hear that your husband is somewhat improving, and your visits are not quite so difficult.
    I have ordered Nigella´s "How To Eat". I was hoping for a German edition, but there is none, so I will have to deal with the strange English weight and measurement system. In the end, it will make using it even more fun!
    Best wishes from Germany

  5. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Hope you've had a lovely time with Helen and have enjoyed your little respite.

    Archie continues to sound like a wonderful young man.

    Beverly in NJ