Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I finished the 18-lozenge rank of the Fantoosh and have embarked on 20 lozenges. The final rank is the 24-lozenge one. Put that way, the end seems nigh.

I don't have a cat. The seller – cats are unbelievably expensive these days – put us off because her son was suddenly taken to hospital with stomach pains. I've captured the picture – here it is:

and will take it to my husband when I go in to visit this morning. We insist on tortoiseshell-and-white. As well as being expensive, they aren't entirely easy to find.

Yesterday's hospital visit went well. We saw the diabetic nurse, and the energetic OT woman, and a nice Registrar (=junior hospital dr) who sat with us and heard the whole story and I think at least grasps that, although my husband has suffered from rheumatics in his hands for some time now, something new may have happened to the right hand recently.

I am interested in the book called “Sequence Knitting” which turned up as I web-browsed this morning. The Schoolhouse is selling it, so it must not be entirely lacking in interest. doesn't seem to have it, though.

What the hell -- I've just ordered it from the Schoolhouse.


  1. Cat's Protection have lots of needy cats and usually for a donation of £50. Prefer older cats myself, they are calmer! :) Though our current incumbent, Eddie, is a bonkers 1 year old.

  2. We have a tortoise shell rescue cat She is the love of my life.

  3. I wish I could send you the tortoise and white cat who leave me little presents in the garden I find when weeding...she is grown up, however. I'm sure you miss your garden in Strathardle. How are the chilis doing?

  4. Can't have too many good knitting books. I may have to get that one too.

  5. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Sequence Knitting - thanks for the reminder, Jean - had seen this somewhere else in blogland and been tempted. Having just been dusting and vowing to plead with my husband to seriously cull his shelves, just now I feel one can indeed have too many books of any kind. But this one looks really inspiring for creating one's own scarves, shawls, etc. So well served by excellent LYS's in my corner of the world that one of them is likely to have it.
    - Beth in Ontario

  6. The prospect of a cat is so exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out and that you and the perfect kitty find each other asap. Are you familiar with Brenda Dayne, Jean? You probably are, but if by some strange chance I'm not the only one who didn't know about her until now, let me highly recommend her podcast. It's not being recorded in the same format these days, but there are 135 past episodes available on her website and on iTunes. Her website is It might be something enjoyable during those 4am bouts of awakeness.

  7. Mary G. in Texas8:55 AM

    I laughed out loud at your last sentence, Jean!

    Mary G. in Texas

  8. Now I just have to google sequence knitting. And I need more knitting books like I need a hole in the head : )

  9. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Cats are expensive? Why? In our newspaper, there are always kittens offered for free, and a lady I know in our village would be really happy if I took one of her kittens. The mother is tortoiseshell-and- white, so I am sure some of her babies are, too.
    Hilde in Germany