Monday, June 08, 2015

Bless you for yesterday's comment, Southern Gal. I got up from my nap, logged on, read it –and rushed to the television in time for almost all of the final set. Cheering for Stan, like you. Wow! I disapproved of their silly clothes, and of the frenetic behaviour of the (presumably French) camera, but the tennis was sublime. And the right man won.

I should think Andy Murray is quite well placed for Wimbledon.


Archie and I both went to visit my husband yesterday. We found him dressed, drooping, slow of speech, but cheerful, or at least resigned. Archie thought he was better than the last time he had visited, whenever that happened in the current dreadful saga. My husband has lost a tremendous amount of ground since all this started. I hope soon to persuade a dr to attempt some sort of overview.


I have just finished reading Stephen King's “Finders Keepers”. Not as good as “Mr Mercedes”. I seem to have mental strength for nothing but pulp these days. But it was funny, reading it, and listening to reports of that truly brilliant jailbreak in NY. King might well have scripted it.


Again, lamentably little to report. I did manage a row or two of the sixth Pocket Square while watching the tennis. I'll hope to do better today.

I ordered Lucy Hague's Celtic shawl book.

Franklin's latest essay for Lion Brand is good. When is he ever less?

Here's a free pattern for a Chocolate Chip Cookie, from Mochimochiland.

And here's one, not however free, for a knitted granny.


  1. Even if you don't knit them Lucy Hague's work is lovely to look at!

  2. Ellen1:03 PM

    I am totally enchanted by Lucy Hagues new book, although I'm not sure there is ever enough calm in my life to complete one of the patterns. I love Taliesin, having just visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin a couple of years ago.

    I am glad that your husband is somewhat better in his new surroundings. When he has been at this level of care for a few days, perhaps they will be better able to give you an idea of the "new normal". Take even better care of yourself for now!

  3. Cheers for Stan. Have you tried reading Stephen King's Revival? My husband abandoned it half way through, but he is not a Stephen King fan. Joyland was very readable, I thought.
    Keep knitting!

  4. Christine2:05 PM

    Glad things are gradually getting sorted. Gradually gives time for everything to be in place before your husband is discharged, to avoid collapse of plans. And thank you for the Granny pattern, very timely as today I welcomed a second grandson to join the first and two granddaughters. So that little lady may just have to join the knitting queue!