Thursday, June 25, 2015

In some haste – I had a dentist's appt this morning, and it's now nearly time for hospital visiting.

A friend took this yesterday:

Knitting went well – so far, it is the only activity in which I engage which the kitten doesn't interfere with. I have another 3 ½ long rows to do, to finish off the 22-lozenge rank of the Fantoosh, and am determined to get them done this evening.

Lindsay sent me this link to an interesting article by Tom of Holland about Sequence Knitting and its author. I am toying with the idea of knitting the bridegroom's pocket square in an interesting fabric from the book (the other squares are garter stitch) as well as surrounding it with a double row of eyelets. We shall see.

I am grateful to Karen and Randi for starting me off on Lucy Neatby's Double Knitting course in Craftsy. She looks much younger than the Neatby who instructed me in Fearless Knitting the other day – but it can't have been that long ago. I can't really believe that this is a technique I am going to embrace, but I will persevere with the class.

Ta, I'm sure you're right that Perdita is really a dilute calico cat. I am grateful for your endorsement. She shows every sign of being intelligent and affectionate – and I think she's a bit bigger than she was a week ago.

Somewhere there's a range of sock yarn based on breeds of cat -- but I think the closest they get to Perdita is undilute calico.

Now I'd better head off.


  1. Perdita you are purr-fect!

  2. Here's a fun poster I have of cat colors. It's small, but in the lower left corner there are the calico variations.

  3. Did she climb up there? My dear departed mare like cats, and somewhere I have a photo of the climber of the barn cats curled up on the horses back luxuriating in the sun while the horse ate grass.

  4. The cat yarns are Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts Meow Collection, they have a calico but the colour proportions aren't quite Perdita's. I took a yarn dying workshop from their dyer last summer, she's a great teacher and I learn a lot.

  5. Jean is right about the color proportions, the link to Ancient Arts Meow Collection is:

    Not quite Perdita's colors but wonderful yarn and they donate to the Meow Foundation for the adoption of abandoned cats for each and every skein sold.

  6. The one thing better than a kitten is a shoulder-kitten.

  7. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Perdita is gorgeous. Hereabouts we call a cat with her grey-based tones a Smokey Tortoiseshell. I hope she grows out of being a climber, though...those pesky claw pricks could be harsh on older skin and I'd hate to hear that she accidentally knocked you or your husband off balance. Take care - Joe-in Wyoming

  8. I appreciate cat names that reference literature. I live with Wat Tyler and Circe. Best wishes to you as your husband prepares to return home.
    Mary in Chicago

  9. Anonymous2:13 PM

    You are so lucky with your little kitten. She is so fun! I love your hair. Life seems to be looking up again! (You can tell that I am American from all the exclamation marks LOL). So happy that you have Perdita!

  10. Such a beautiful kitten !!!!

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Wonderful photo of you and Perdita. What an adorable kitten! If you're lucky, she won't help you knit. My tortoiseshell is the only one I've ever had who leaves my knitting alone. However, she is clever enough to open the dresser drawer and scatter my handmade socks hither and yon.

    Elaine in NYC