Sunday, June 28, 2015

This is going to be an interesting week in Greece. Helen said that by the end of yesterday, there were queues at the petrol stations as well as the cash dispensers. I trust Archie has successfully rejoined his family – the airport was hideously crowded and his flights, after a change at Heathrow, inconvenient. He was due in Athens in the small hours.

They are all planning to spend the week on Pelion (near Ossa) which might prove even more interesting than Athens, but means we'll be out of email contact.

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That from Perdita, while I was fetching my coffee. She also managed to open a second document, where she continued in the same vein.


A couple more rows of the Fantoosh.

And I got Catherine Lowe's “The Ravell'd Sleeve” which I had learned about in that blog piece of Tom of Holland's about “Sequence Knitting”. Self-published, again – this time printed on demand, not very elegantly.

I spent a day or so, after ordering it, wondering where I had heard of Catherine Lowe. It finally clicked – an ad in the current Twist Collective. I had pursued it for a while, but not long enough to find the pattern advertised.

The book is about couture knitting. Her standards are very demanding. I'll continue at least to speed-read it.


  1. This is going to be a very interesting week in Greece. The largest Greek speaking community outside Athens (Melbourne) is apparently preparing for an influx - at least temporarily.

  2. A travel blogger I follow is visiting Edinburgh and appears to have a picture from Dru-- Place on her blog today: (scroll down a good bit - she shares lots of photographs!) Being a long-time reader of your blog, I was amused that I might recognize Dru-- Pl, although I've only seen it through your pictures!

  3. Patience2:11 PM

    Jean -- if you need to run defense on the cat and the keyboard (especially when your husband comes home and back to his work) you should look at locking the computer when you're up. In Windows, hold ctl, alt, delete at the same time (same as getting to task manager) and there's a lock computer option in the list. Ctl, alt, delete when you're back, put in your password and you're back in business.

    Do you have a non-cat-reproducible password?

  4. I bought a Catherine Lowe pattern once. It was extremely detailed and ran pages and pages. Some interesting ideas, but I was a bit overwhelmed. Also, I'm not so much the haute couture type of knitter. I'm interested to hear if the book has useful information for the lazy among us.