Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Progress with the Fantoosh. I finished the first skein of yarn, and wound the second. Since the shawl has a right and a wrong side, there didn't seem to be any reason not to knit the first skein down to the last inch and eventually weave in the ends on the wrong side. So I did that. I'm now four rows short of finishing the 18-lozenge rank: maybe even this evening.

(Except that they are very long rows, and this afternoon I'm going to see a potential kitten. Here in Edinburgh, mercifully.)

When that's done, I'll be 58% done with lozenge-knitting. I think I'm going to be all right for yarn. I knit it on to the longer needle so that I could take a picture for you. I'm rather pleased with it.


You're right about those pocket squares, Meezermeowmy.

I think essentially I am happiest with one project at a time. My current plan is to finish the Fantoosh and then finish the pocket squares and then go back to one of the other two projects. But if my husband comes home before the Fantoosh is done – quite likely, really – I'll switch to pocket squares at once. They are the project that can be polished off most quickly – maybe I really ought to go there at once.

Mary Lou, my husband was fine when he was my age. It was the year of our Golden Wedding. I made a calendar of pictures taken in Strathardle. He appears several times doing active and energetic things. Decline has come since.

There was no change yesterday. I met his new consultant. I think he has an unhealthy interest in memory loss which is not high on our list of problems, if indeed it appears there at all.


  1. skeindalous9:59 AM

    Fantoosh is lovely and will be even more so when fully grown! The color is wonderful. I never never been to the Hebrides (fond hopes of one day making it there, and to Shetland, and to many other parts of Scotland!) but hte color is indeed evocative of the name.

  2. Fantoosh is a thing of beauty, and a soothing knit at the same time. Perfect combination. Blocking won't be so easy when the kitten arrives, I suspect. I hope the consultant grasps the real difficulties. I suspect memory loss in old age is the default. It reminded me of going to the campus doctor at university - no matter what you came in for, they figured you wanted birth control and the fever or sore throat was a merely a cover. Happy kitten visiting.

  3. Ellen1:29 PM

    Unfortunately, memory loss is one of the most likely cuases for your husbands very bad temper; anger is a very common response to being unclear about what is going on. The staff at his facility may be seeing things that you have grown used to. It is necessary to uderstand this in order to prescribe him the correct medications, as well as to have the correct care in place when/if he is to go home. I'd urge you to go along with it, it's really quite important; its not really a default.

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Fantoosh is looking good Thanks for the photo.
    - Beth in Ontario

  5. The shawl is beautiful and the colour fantastic. I really hope you get the kitten. I would have one in a flash if I lived in only one place.
    Ron in Mexico

  6. =Tamar3:34 PM

    Anger and depression is also a normal response to being unable to continue his book-writing while he's stuck in the hospital. Is there any way that a dictation program could be made available for him to use while his hand is too sore to type?

  7. Fantoosh is lovely, but I am sorry to read that your troubles are continuing. I hope to see you both at home soon with suitable help.

  8. Hooray for a potential kitten! I love reading your knitting talk. I recently figured out how to add i-cord to a selvage (on a sweater I am finishing) and I am so proud of myself! Hang in there. Things will smooth out soon.