Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Little to report – including very little knitting.

My husband was much as ever yesterday, drooping in his chair with no reading matter. Alexander turned up unannounced, a great pleasure. He had lost half an hour by going to the Royal Victoria Hospital not far away, instead of the Royal Victoria Building at the Western General, which is where my husband actually is. He seemed to think it was my fault. I blame the NHS.

I think Greek Helen is going to try to get in touch with the new consultant today.

And tomorrow she'll be here. Archie and I will have to scale back our culinary adventures to suit her vegetarian tastes. It'll be Nigella's quick chilli this evening, for our last meaty meal. His second day of work experience went well.

I knit a row or two of the 16-lozenge rank of the Fantoosh. And a row is no mean achievement, by now.

And I signed up for Eunny's “Choose Your Own Sweater Adventure” in Craftsy, having enjoyed her lace lessons so much. I am a bit taken aback to discover that she's going to be working at such a big gauge, but it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to adapt the principles to finer yarn. She is a sterling teacher.

You may have noticed -- I have had to add "word recognition" to comment-leaving again. I hate doing it, when some of you have trouble leaving comments even without, and when I love comments so much. But after many peaceful weeks, the level of junk had crept up to a unacceptable height. I'll try taking it off again after a week or so.


  1. When I had pneumonia I drooped for weeks and reading was too much of an effort, so please dont worry about it.

    Good news that your family are around you.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    We'll worrk around the word recognition.

    Glad yu & Archie are enjoying your visit.

    Beverly in NJ

  3. I'm glad you have so many helpers with you right now. Also glad Archie gets to do something more entertaining than tea. When I had a job similar to internship in graduate school I had to be a flunky for an idiot, which of course was great training for future employment if not all that much fun at the time.

  4. So happy to hear you are getting some reinforcements in, even vegetarian ones. I picked up Nigellisma from the library yesterday to see if there were some simple summer dishes that I can plan for when the garden bounty comes in. So far lettuce, spinach, asparagus and the first strawberry!

  5. I'm happy to read of Alexander being there for you and your husband. And it always lightens the heart to cook for and visit with the grands!

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    If you are up for a culinary adventure that is vegetarian (perhaps with the help of Greek Helen) an eggplant-based Fesenjan (Persian hunter stew in a sauce of pomegranate molasses & ground walnuts) is a real treat! Not quick to make unless you have done it several times, but you might at least enjoy reading the recipe!

  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    "He seemed to think it was my fault." Has the apple not fallen very far from the paternal tree? Good for you for giving that a verbal shrug.

    I went to a lovely yarn shop yesterday and came out empty-handed. Realized what I needed was a "time shop".

    Judith in Ottawa

  8. It sounds like your husband is more comfortable, at least, which is something. No small accomplishment after some very difficult weeks!

    As to the knitting - perhaps your version of drooping? Goodness, what a stretch of daily stress! After a while, it's hard to find the energy to do even the things that you know make you feel good.

  9. Anonymous5:19 AM

    You really make me want to try Nigella´s recipes, which I have never done before. Which of her books would you recommend to begin with?
    I think of you and your husband every day and am glad you have company and help. Good physiotherapy can indeed do miracles!
    Hilde in Germany