Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Various tidbits from Zite:

Arne and Carlos sock yarn from Regia: what fun it must be to knit!

A free knit-your-own Andy Murray pattern. It's the one from Holt & Bailey's “Knit Your Own Scotland”. I must have told you about the time I saw a much more substantial knitted Andy Murray in a shop window in Alyth – 18” high, as I remember. Alas, I didn't have a camera with me, and when I next was there, it was gone.

An article about Shetland knitting, mostly about Hazel Tindall. I doubt if you'll learn much, but it's worth following the link for the sight of Andy Ross' sweater. He is trying to get Shetland hand weaving going again, from a workshop on Yell.

Wimbledon wasn't very interesting yesterday. The people who were expected to win, won – easily. The Fantoosh moved forward somewhat anyway. Four more rows of lozenge-knitting remain, then 10 of the final edging. A slight unease about yarn. Perhaps the edging could be truncated.

    I wrote that much, then some OT's came to assess our way of life, then I visited the hospital...

I'll just post it as is.


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    The Regia is fun to knit, with one caveat. The second ball had a knot, and the join was not in sequence. Caution is recommended at this price point.

    Elaine in NYC

  2. Any post from you is a delight!

  3. Tell them the way to understand your way of life is to read your blog.

    I hope all is well and that the yarn holds out. By the way, knitting faster does not help the yarn to last; ask me how I know.

  4. Thanks for the link. I was on a Shetland textile tour with Andy Ross last year and can assure you, that's not the only one of his jumpers worth catching sight of.

  5. I've knit one pair of the Arne & Carlos socks, and they were fun. I'm happy to hear that you had the OT people come by to assess things. That sounds like a positive step forward. As for the Fantoosh, there is one person on Ravelry who was running out of yarn and had to leave out the last couple of rows of edging and it looks fine. Much better than mine with no edging at all!

  6. I've knitted socks in Arne and Carlos 'winter night' - it is fun. It is one of the few times I matched the yarn, i.e. knitted identical twins, very pleased with the results.

    Glad to hear that you have had an O T visit. My 82 year old mother broke her hip last Friday and because she is recovering well and can now walk with a frame, they are thinking of sending her home at the end of the week with no checks on the house or way of life at all. Glad that you are receiving more help.