Thursday, July 23, 2015

I've finished knitting the pocket squares, and have even made a small start on finishing them. That's today's job; blocking probably not until tomorrow; they should be ready for dispatch by Monday. The problem looms of how to manage that. Special delivery, certainly, if they go by post. Or wait until the bride's sister is here in Edinburgh for the Festival, towards the end of August? That seems a bit last-minute. The wedding is on September 19.

Once they are dispatched, or packaged up to await collection, I think the dog can be added to the list of WIPs, to be worked in tandem with the Sous Sous and the Tokyo shawl.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had a same-day reply from Craftsy, about my suggestion that they enlist Franklin to teach “Snip and Zip”. It was mostly boilerplate, but: Thanks so much for reaching out to us about your fun class suggestion for a classes featuring Franklin Habit. I have actually heard from a few other members that they just love his fresh designs and his teaching style and I am happy to pass another vote along to our production team.”

As I said, it can't hurt.

The Vintage Shetland Project is on a blog tour. Here's Woolly Wormhead's contribution, with a list of scheduled stops, including ones that haven't happened yet. Might be a good way to find some fresh knitting blogs to read.


That's about it, for news. My GP practice rang up yesterday to say that my white blood cell count is a bit low. All they propose to do is to test again next month, so clearly they are not very agitated about it. I thought, anaemia! That's why I feel so tired! and then realised that a low white blood cell count is the very opposite of anaemia. I looked it up and the symptoms seem much the same, however.

No more INR testing until next week. I continue to take rat poison every day.

Tomorrow I have an early appt with our own GP, who has been on holiday lately. When I made the appt it was to discuss my feelings of panic connected with my husband's hospitalisation. I am much better now, and indeed wonder whether the panic symptoms, including breathlessness, were the outriders of the pulmonary embolism. Anyway, I'll go tell him my troubles and probably won't blog tomorrow. 


  1. Well done for finishing the pocket squares!
    Do make sure you give your GP the full list of troubles - if necessary, write them on a piece of paper which you can flourish to give him a heartsink moment. The breathlessness was almost certainly linked to the embolism - panic and stress are just as real and physical as any other disease.

  2. Franklin once commented somewhere (Facebook?) about someone suggesting to him that he do a Craftsy class on some subject. His reply was to contact Craftsy, not him, as they make the decisions about what classes they want and will pay him to do. So you did exactly the right thing in contacting Craftsy, how else will they know of the demand for any class?

  3. I'm so glad you have an appointment with your GP tomorrow to discuss your feelings of panic and stress. The breathlessness could, as you said, be an outrider of the pulmonary condition, but it can also be associated with stress. You have a lot on your plate, and I'm glad you are taking time to see to your own health.

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Please do take a list of the recent symptoms and medicines for discussion.
    It's easy to get sidetracked at the doctor but important to go over the whole list.
    have a lovely weekend