Sunday, February 18, 2018

Again, there is nothing much to report. My new food box will arrive tomorrow, and you’ll be glad to hear that I have a potato in the oven baking even as we speak. I’ve been looking at other recipe boxes on-line – Waitrose now offers one. But they all have a two-person minimum per meal, which makes it seem expensive. And I wouldn’t care to have a single meal dragging out over two days. Freezing isn’t practical, because everybody seems to depend on crunch and freshness.

I haven’t done much knitting. I watched an episode of an Italian thriller this afternoon, for the sake of the language. I was able to knit lace while I watched, without error but it was very slow. I hope to get some more done after I’ve had my potato.

I wrote a note in the Fruity Knitting Group on Ravelry the other day, asking when Andrew and Andrea were going to be in the Podcast Room (or whatever it’s called) at the EYF, as I knew they were coming. Andrea has replied, so now I need to match her reply to my class times.


Mary Lou, no, I’m not walking for Lent, although that’s a very good idea, especially as the weather eases and days lengthen. I’ve given up alcohol, and hope to shed a bit of poundage and feel more energetic thereby. Or at least to be able to visit the doctor and grumble in a fortnight or so.

Today is the first day of Calcutta Cup week. The match is on Saturday.


  1. Ah, a baked potato - that's more like it. I wonder if you caught a detective series called "Spiral" - French for a change. We have been watching it in two hour chunks during this week and enjoying the cultural difference - very gritty though.

  2. Ah, the Cider ban! But a baked potato is always welcome, I enjoy a baked sweet potato, too.

  3. I thoroughly recommend Spiral (the last series has just finishing airing on the BBC)