Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thank you for the suggestion, Carolyn. Nothing like the legal mind! I did exactly as you suggested, and, sure enough! The form I filled out seems to have gone through -- I have already told Susan Crawford that my address is unchanged. So now all I can do is hunker down and wait.

Shandy, I meant to answer your question (comment Monday) about Starmore’s “Glamourie”, but I forgot. I’m afraid I don’t care for it – some of the patterns are too far OTT for me, and none of the others catch my fancy. Starmore is well represented on my shelves, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never knit one. I took a class of hers once in London, about Celtic cables.

Another thing I keep forgetting is to mention the beautiful Norwegian needles at Loop, London. It’s just as well that they don’t have the smaller-sized DP’s yet. The price is simply absurd, especially for one so well provided with sock needles as I am. I hope that by the time they are actually in stock, I will have moved on to something else. But, oh! it’s such a pleasure, using wonderful tools.

The shawl continues to progress well. I didn’t watch “Shetland” last night after all – I finished off the medical drama called Trauma. I’m not quite sure what I thought of it. It’s pre-eminently the sort of thing my husband wouldn’t have approved of. Medical dramas and cookery.

Thank you for your concern about my cat. Perdita used to sleep on that plate rack (picture yesterday) when she was much younger, and has recently taken it up again. And Paradox has now taken to climbing up there, to find out what the attraction is. I love that plate rack; it will be re-painted and replaced when my new kitchen is done. Not long now.

The news from London is that Lizzie’s recovery continues smoothly. She’s getting bored with sitting about the house: that sounds a very healthy symptom.

No rugby this weekend. We’ll all be glad of the rest.


  1. I am waiting for the post office to bring me a set of Lykke interchangeable needles, the Indigo set. I found them on page 15 of the Winter 2017/18 Vogue Knitting (bought the magazine as a one-off issue for the Yokes content - thanks to your tip).

  2. Yes, I took that Starmore class too, but it seems light years away from the flights of fancy in the new book. I once saw an exhibition tracing the development of the foetus done as fantastic items of clothing. This had that sort of effect on me. I kept wondering what the point of it was - they are costumes, but not for a play. And the work involved in the whole process....

  3. I was disappointed when I ordered one of those Norwegian needles to discover that they are made in India, not Norway. Nice enough needles, but just colored birch.