Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Today involved some tinking.

Easy Pattern + All-Has-Been-Going-Well-Lately = Carelessness

But the errors were retrieved, and all is well again. I am engaged with row 98, a plain-vanilla knit row. If I can keep my eyes open for some television after posting this, I’ll finish the lace aspect of the borders. It would be good to get the whole thing finished, or nearly, this month, in case the baby, due in April, surprises us.

Thank you for your comments yesterday, about two-colour knitting and dominance. I have tried to knit the Norwegian way – I even have a gadget through which yarns can be threaded. for wearing over an index finger. But I hate it, and revert always to the two-handed system. Arne can laugh at me if he will.


I had another good day with the Mindful Chef: “Lemongrass Trout with Coconut Lime Rice”. The recipes are fancier than I would choose for myself, but the website claims that everything can be done in half an hour, and I am finding that to be more or less true. It makes a tremendous difference having everything right there to hand, down to the last half-teaspoon of cumin. The recipes are clearly set forth, and I love being told: do this, do this, do that. It’s all very healthy and full of fresh vegetables, but that’s probably true of all recipe boxes.

Most days I make the recipe for lunch and can’t finish it and pick at it all afternoon, but today I ate it all up and will need to fry an egg if I want any more food this evening.

I was afraid, at the Palazzo Lanza Tomasi, after our morning of Cooking with the Duchess, that I would embarrass myself b@????????????y [Paradox is the helper these days] sending plates away half-eaten. But when white-gloved servitors are offering food, as was the case, one can take just a little for each course, and all was well.

Here is a picture of my cats, taken in the kitchen this morning. If you asked Perdita, she would say that they hate each other. But if they were full sisters, from the same litter, they still might chase each other around the house and growl. I don’t think it’s serious.


  1. Thank you for the cat photo and update. Perdita has been quiet lately (on the blog). And I'm much interested to hear about your recipe box experience. I'm afraid I'd been kind of sniffy about them, but now I quite see how useful they'd be if you're cooking for one. I watched the Arne & Carlos video today, and I think that the age of the examples must, as you say, have had its effect.

  2. My big complaint with the meal box things that I have used is not enough vegetables, so it is nice to hear your experience. I may have to try harder with some different US options.

  3. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Today's menu sounded very good. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. To JAG: I have just signed up for Hello Fresh in the U.S., which offers a vegetarian option. This is a trial box (got a voucher from a friend who subscribes), and we won’t get the box for a few days yet, so I have no direct assessment of the quality, etc., but at least the veg option is available. (And I am not a vegetarian, but that is the delivery box option I prefer for now.)

  5. Not to beat a dead horse but that's what Arne was doing in the video I went back and watched. One in each hand! Happy to hear the meal box system is working well so far. I am tempted to try one here, just to see.

  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    The trout meal sounds delicious. Chloe

  7. =Tamar3:54 PM

    Yes, two cats from the same litter will chase each other around and have dominance arguments. I say this because a friend of mine has two cats from the same litter.

  8. I have two cats from the same litter and they have Never been friends....