Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Groundhog has been a good prophet so far. Snow on high ground. 

I went without a nap this afternoon, in order to watch Scotland lose heavily to Wales in the first match of the new season’s Six Nations. If (per impossibile) Italy should beat England tomorrow, in Rome, I will send a postcard to Giuseppe Lanzi Tomasi (son of the Duke and Duchess of Parma) to whom I sat next at lunch that happy day at their palazzo. We spoke of rugby, briefly, and of Italy’s hopelessness at that sport.

I hope I’ve provided you with this link before – a Six Nations promotional ad which, in the event, was never screened except on YouTube. It’s worth watching again.

Rugby doesn’t lend itself to lace, so there is no progress to report on the shawl. I did, however, knit the heel flap, turn the heel, and pick up the gusset stitches of the Arne & Carlos sock I started knitting for Archie in Palermo.


Sharon, thank you very much for your comment about jackfruit, day before yesterday. How interesting that you can buy it fresh! I enjoy shopping for food, and try to pay attention, and go to farmers’ markets when I can – I’m not aware of ever having seen it. I’ll ask Mr Hussain at my corner shop. It certainly isn’t fair to judge it by the canned version which the Mindful Chef sent. Wikipedia says that it doesn’t provide much in the way of protein despite being “meaty” in texture.


  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Thanks for the six nations link... makes we foreigners feel somewhat more involved. There are just some things one cannot do while shouting and leaping out of one's seat. I used to feel that way while watching Walter Payton carrying the football and running for a touchdown. My goodness, that man was poetry in motion. Such good memories. Good luck in your tournament :)
    I have never heard of Jackfruit, though I doubt I'll try it - fresh or canned. Do you suppose it is an attempt to provide something with the consistency of meat, to a meal, without the flavor of meat -sounds vegan?
    Well we know you will be back at it (Shawl) as soon as the sport ruckus is over.

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I always wonder, if avoiding meat (and its products) is so wonderful, then why do people work so hard to Imitate meat? Seems to me we are addressing one message from our bodies while ignoring another one. How about just Less meat? But there are arguments aganst that, too. The whole thing is just too complicated. Chloe

  3. You have shared that link before, but it was a treat to go and watch it again. IT is the Super Bowl here, really right here in the Twin Cities, and I am staying as far away as possible. It has turned into a giant party for wealthy folks, and the game seems incidental.

  4. I had quite a chuckle viewing your link:)! Thank you!