Thursday, February 08, 2018

All well here, although it hasn’t been a day of much achievement. I’ve done all but one long row of the shawl borders, however – and tomorrow, surely, will embark on the centre. That’s progress. And the rugby this weekend should advance Archie’s socks considerably.

We’re playing France – that’s always a highlight of the season. England have got Wales, I think – that could be a good one -- and if so that leaves Ireland and Italy. Alexander and Ketki and their sons are coming over here for the match, and will call in at Drummond Place before kickoff. That’s on Sunday. I'll get them some of Mr Crombie's Six Nations sausages to take home. He sells them every year around this time, made with pork from Scotland, herbs from England, Guinness from Ireland, leeks from Wales, onions from France, and tomatoes from Italy. 

I’m delighted to find that my feelings about bobbles aren’t exclusive to myself. It would be perfectly possible just to leave them out of KD’s pattern – but I think it would be almost as easy to put something else into the centres of those lozenges.

I find my thoughts returning to Gudrun Johnston’s “Kirigami” from the latest Brooklyn Tweed collection: a yoke sweater again – they are such fun – but this time with the yoke done in a textured stitch rather than colours. The yarn is Jared’s relatively new “Arbor”. He’s not coming back to the EYF this year, but Loop (the London shop) will be there, and they stock Arbor in quantity. Wonderful colours. It’s one to think about.

Not that I need another project. It's just that I’d rather wander around the market with one or two possibilities in mind.  


Today’s Mindful Chef meal was Sweet & Sour Aubergine, Edamame and (buckwheat) Noodles. Not the best, not the worst. That’s all, now, until Monday – and I think I’m ready for calmer food. The Mindful Chef prides himself on never sending refined carbohydrates – white bread, white rice, pasta made with white flour. But sometimes the spirit cries out for them.

Lesizmo, I looked up Blue Apron and it sounds interesting. Does it operate coast-to-coast? I love the idea of being warned about the possible colours of cauliflower. Have you been with them long? How does it work out, over time?


  1. Love the new photo, but which cat is which? That piece on the left must be your Soutache scarf? It terrifies me even to think of it, especially with 2 cats roaming. And I agree: no bobbles (and no nupps either)--especially not at that gauge.

  2. I like a textured yoke sweater, too. (I've knitted the one in DDEasy several times.) Arbor is lovely, it would show the stitch definition in Gudrun's pattern beautifully. And the colors in person are rich.

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I’ve never been fond of bobbles either particularly in ainimal and acrylic fibers where the hairiness and eventual pilling add to my distaste. I can almost tolerate them in cotton if they are used in an appealing pattern, such as a line of them marching around a knitted bracelet, thus representing gemstones as an alternative to beads. Of course this is personal taste. Your mileage may differ:). Chloe

  4. Anonymous2:09 PM

    The bracelet idea I got from somewhere, not original, so I checked Ravelry and found something similar titled Bobble Bracelets by Anne Butera, It’s the thinner aqua one with just one line of bobbles (unless you want to go bobble crazy) and done in crochet cotton. Just in case anyone was interested. Chloe

  5. Blue Apron is Lower 48. I have been with them for two years and I love it. They provide 3 meals for two (or 4) people per week. I am single, so I have leftovers every other night, which I love. Having to cook gets me up out of my chair every other day. I’m afraid without it there would be a lot of frozen meals or the same soup all week. The other plus is absolutely no waste. There are eight meals to choose from, and now you have the option of a week with 2 recipes instead of 3 (more expensive per meal). Handy if you’re busy but not en vacance. They have a phone app where you can pick upcoming meals 5 weeks in advance. I love to play with rearranging those in idle moments. They do mostly use white rice—I think because it is faster to cook. There are occasional pizzas where they send rising dough. That is white also. There are three vegetarian meals, one (sustainable, wild) fish, two chicken, and two beef, pork or lamb choices each week. So if you are vegetarian, you really have no choice. The vegetables are seasonal. There’s a lot of complaining about kale in the wintertime. (Millennials—what can I say?!) they have also started marking some meals as 30-Minute, or Easy Cleanup, or Healthy (lower calorie). The meals vary among Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian, Southern (catfish and collard greens), and American. Don’t recall any Scottish-inspired meals! This week I am having 1) Chipotle Roasted Vegetable Salad with Farro, Orange and Tortilla Strips; 2) Pork Chops and Basalmic Pear Compote with Fennel and Sweet Potatoes; 3) whole Grain Pasta & Beef Bolognese with Romaine Salad. Couldn’t be happier.