Friday, February 09, 2018

Several of you have expressed alarm at the way my WIPs are exposed to my cats in the new heading picture. I can assure you that all is well. The knitting was laid out for the purpose of photography – and you can see how the cats zero’d in on it – and then immediately removed.

But it behoves us all to remember this famous picture of the little girl on Shetland. We’re meant to admire her knitting, and her knitting belt, but I can't see beyond that wonderful Shetland cat who knows not even to think about….

I am well embarked on the centre of the baby shawl, knitting back and forth on one of the borders and picking up a stitch from an adjacent border at the end of every row. This is a process I peculiarly enjoy. Knitting an edging perpendicularly onto an otherwise finished shawl affords much the same pleasure, and goes faster.

The centre pattern is eight rows – except that it isn’t, really. It’s four rows, offset. And since the alternate rows are plain knit, there are really only two pattern rows. The difficulty to going to be remembering where I am. Ideally (as this evening) I’ll put it down only at the end of row 8, but that won’t always be possible. I hope, as matters progress, it’ll get easier to see where I am.

My thoughts for the EYF marketplace, at the moment, are Gudrun’s Kirigami (link yesterday) and Kathryn Folkirth’s “Knife Grinder’s Daughter” – but that could change. Your comment, Mary Lou, inspired me to spend another happy half-hour with “Drop Dead Easy Knits”. I must certainly knit another Polliwog for the forthcoming great-granddaughter once we’ve got her safely in our arms.


I got those papers dealt with and dispatched to the lawyer, at last. It wasn’t all that difficult, once I sat down to it.

Lesizmo, thank you very much indeed for your message (comment yesterday) about Blue Apron recipe boxes. In many ways it sounds a lot like my Mindful Chef. You have about the same number of choices over perhaps a wider range of cuisines. I agree that it’s fun to look ahead and tinker with the meals one is going to get week-after-next. And absolutely agree that the elimination of waste is a big plus of this way of life. 


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    That delightful Shetland photo is one of my very favorite pictures. Great affection from both the young lass and the feline is very obvious. The cats I tend both know that my knitting and yarn are off-limits...although a loving reminder is sometimes required. A firm "nyet" is all that's required. {How my friends laugh when I explain the cats are trilingual: Feline, English, and one word of Russian.} Take care - Joe-in Wyoming

  2. skeindalous4:02 PM

    I so agree with you about the pleasure of knitting an edging perpendicularly to the body of the shawl. Am almost at the end of the delicious wide border on the Vindaloo Shawl by Melissa Schaschwary. One almost feels smug to so cleverly meld the border with the body!

  3. I thought of you yesterday, Jean. I had stopped into a local lunch place (to buy one of their cookies...) and saw that they had Jackfruit Tacos on the menu. I asked the owner and he told me they are the newest trend!