Saturday, February 17, 2018

I have faced up to the end-game of the baby shawl. There is one less stitch than there should be on the left-hand side, where I take in a stitch at the end of every right-side row. That will be easily fudged. And, better yet, the pattern itself comes out even, as Amedro wants. That is, I’ll finish with a complete repeat.

So February may see it done.

I feel very sorry for the people I used to meet on the Knitlist in the Good Old Days, who found themselves at a loss when they finished a major WIP. For me, one of the considerable pleasures of actually finishing, is juggling what-next in my head during these last few days. Immediately, I resume the Soutache scarf. But there should be room to add something else once the shawl is blocked and ready for the post.

Kate Davies has, as I hoped she would, written about the new West Highland Way pattern on her blog. It’s called Stronachlachar, and the blog post includes a good picture of it. I’m very tempted, except that it would mean buying yarn, an unimaginable hardship. KD used to go in for snug-fitting to a degree that I didn’t entirely like, but she seems to have relaxed a bit.

Anonymous, I cannot imagine why you failed the robot test (comment yesterday). The questions sound very difficult. I’m sure I couldn’t have managed.


Helen’s husband David, who still works in Thessaloniki, is here this weekend – they will go back together on Monday, and she will be away for three weeks, much missed. They are going to Jordon to visit their son Mungo who is learning Arabic there.

Today, a lovely day, we went walking in the Botanic Gardens. We visited the glasshouses, where I haven’t been for a long time. Four days of Lent have not proved sufficient to provide me with any oomph, but at least I stayed the course.


  1. Carol M1:51 AM

    I'd have loved to join you in the Botanic Gardens. Glad you made the excursion.

  2. I haven't been to our local glass house conservatory in a while. I like to stop in in winter just to take in a few lungfuls of the odors of warmth, and flowers, and earth. I don't mind winter, but there are no smells, for good or ill. Are you walking for Lent?

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I’ve noticed that when the robot picture asks how many buses, etc. and there are none they also say, if you don't see any then press thr SKIP button. Perhaps Anonymous did not see that part of it as I’ve almost missed it myself. Chloe