Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The weather continues extremely unpleasant. I phoned the Aga people this morning, somewhere in the north of England, and they seemed confident of getting here tomorrow. So I have turned off the old one and am preparing to freeze to death. I have plenty of food, though, including cat food, and good neighbours and a good friend around the corner. I’ll be fine, although I’m running low on cat litter.

It’s a good thing this didn’t happen last week, to spoil both the funeral and perhaps the Calcutta Cup. This weather is well beyond the reach even of electrically-heated trousers. No international matches are scheduled for this coming weekend.

Alexander didn’t come to be measured this morning: that gives me another week before casting on his vest. Perhaps almost time to finish the Soutache. I am finding it compelling. Brioche is a double fabric, and I don’t, yet, understand it. The slightest slip is likely to leave a Messy Spot because I don’t really see how everything fits together.

But I’m enjoying it a lot. I have finished the central bit with the lightest of the gradient yarns, and have started down the second side, using the second-lightest.

So I haven’t done any more thinking about corrugated ribbing, but am very grateful for your comment, Maureen – there speaks the master.

Wednesday is Kate Davies Day. This week’s pattern is a neat little cropped cardigan with travelling-stitch detail and interesting shaping at the shoulders. Travelling stitch is another thing I greatly like the look of and should do more of.

Stronachlachar remains, however, the West Highland Way pattern I am most likely to knit. It’s got travelling stitches, too.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the new VK has turned up. It’s all about yokes. There are some interesting sweaters, but none that quite tempts me. The patterns I am tempted by are the extremes – Maie Landra’s Viking Poncho (could I make some sort of coherent  colour scheme out of my Koigu collection?) and Laura Bryant’s Ikat (but that would mean buying yarn, as it doesn’t sound as if it would work with anything but Prism Yarn’s “Madison” as specified).


  1. I am by no means an expert at brioche, but you made me think of something. If you look at the backside of the row as you finish it can you see an error and fix it? That works for me with double knitting. (you can see right off if you've failed to put both yarns in the middle, for instance)
    I used to work in a yarn store with a knitter who always told our customers, "Admire your work often." I use her advice myself, and try to teach it to new knitters. It is couched very positively, and any error is easier fixed if found early.
    Good luck with the homestretch of the Soutache, and I'm excited to see Archie's vest emerge from your needles.

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I am a bit worried about the lack of heat for you! Is the Aga the only heat source?

    This winter I tried two-colour brioche for the first time. (Right now I can't fathom doing it in one colour, I think I would be very confused.)
    I did find that I was able to correct a purl to a knit, or vice versa, by laddering down and then working back up. The main colour had to be on one side and the contrast on the other.
    The pattern I was working on, Flyway twist, did not have any shaping in the brioche section however - only straight columns.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow!

  3. My yarn for Soutache remains in its bag. I think I am going to have to attack the class again and figure it all out before I attempt it. I have been sock knitting like crazy lately. Two at a time and toe-up. Different heels (Fish Lips Kiss and Sweet Tomato). Just too much fun although I've broken two size 0 wooden Knitpicks 40" circular needles and have ordered some metal ones instead. The wooden 0's are just too fragile. Maybe if the needles were slightly shorter they would last longer.

    1. I love the Karbon needles. Very strong and not slippery.

    2. I recently broke 2 sets of size 1 knitpicks needles too, and replaced them with karbonz. I really like the knitpicks needles, but like you said, fragile.

  4. Goodness Jean. I hope you are okay and managing to keep warm. I think it VERY unlikely that your AGA will arrive today given the state of the roads in the city, let alone anywhere else. There are NO buses in the city at all today!

    Sorry I haven't managed to get here to say anything about the Calcutta Cup! Wow. It was an immense effort from the Scottish team and a well-deserved win.

    keep warm.

  5. Take care Jean. I am reading about the weather today from what occurred overnight for us. Sounds and looks nasty. Susan Calman has a some fun photos of her shoveling in shorts. I do love her