Saturday, February 24, 2018

Calcutta Cup 2018

It was a Sign. We won we won WE WON WE WON.  For the first time in 10 years.  It is the oldest rugby trophy anywhere, and one of the oldest sporting trophies. I will have to contrive to see it, this year. 

I’ll measure Alexander for the vest when I see him next week, but I may be tempted to cast on before then, just to practice corrugated rib. I’ve got enough Fair Isle vest patterns to let me make a pretty good guess. I’ll have to dig out my Calcutta Cup chart, and also make a chart for “8” which I don’t think I’ve ever needed before.

There is little else to report. I managed a few rounds of Archie’s sock during the match, and beforehand I got to grips with the Soutache. I think I’m back in the saddle.

Thanks for the blocking help. I’ll find out about foam core board, Mary Lou. Pom Pom, my cat trouble is that I use those pins with round coloured heads, and Perdita likes to pull them out, and I am terrified that she will try to swallow one. Paradox has never seen a blocking before – and hasn’t seen this one, since both cats are strictly shut out of the dining room. I ought to be able to unpin the shawl tomorrow.

Southern Gal, I’m sure you’re right, that the problem is resolution. The computer in question is a laptop. The way Perdita set it, resolution was so low that I couldn’t even play Freecell. I found the screen I needed, and moved the resolution up to its highest point, as recommended by the computer. That allowed me to play Freecell, but created the elongation problem. The advantage is that my children, in the sidebar, look less dumpy than previouly.

Did I mention that Scotland won the Calcutta Cup?


  1. Congratulations, Jean, on the win! And some wonderful knitting in prospect.

  2. I just checked the results - and then turned to your blog - wow. Great going.
    And Ireland beat Wales earlier.
    A Win Win.

  3. How wonderful for you to have the knitting decision taken for you!
    I'm sure we used to sell fomecore board in the artists' materials section of the stationer where I was a bookseller. For myself, I invested in a set of interlocking sponge squares from Early Learning Centre.
    There are thirty of them (with natty little push-out alphabet and shapes, and I can make a surface to nearly cover the double bed. Haven't looked lately but I used to see the same thing advertised, without the educational content, especially for blocking. At about three times the price!

  4. Go Scotland! I'm excited to see the vest, as I'm about to start my own Fair Isle vest for my DH after taking a class with Janine Bajus, the Feral Knitter.

    Here in the US, you can buy foam squares that fit together at building supply stores for use on garage floors, or even on Amazon. They are usually about 1 foot or 2 foot square pieces that interlock, but come apart so you can store them under a bed or in a closet.

  5. Congratulations Jean! So happy for the result for you. And you get extra knitting "just" from a sport victory.

    This is a link to the blocking mats I use. They are wonderful and so easy to use. I actually got two sets for larger projects, such as shawls. I noticed one review said they did not allow the item to dry...but I usually station a fan next to the table with the blocks and it dries in no time.
    The shawl is beautiful and so are the kitties. Congratulations to Scotland on the win!!!

  7. Anonymous10:56 PM


  8. Hooray!!!! Well done:)! And congratulations:)!

  9. Congratulations, Scotland! Shawl (yesterday's post) looks absolutely gorgeous.

  10. I saw foam boards at Halfords when I was there. But mail order might be the easiest.
    In spite of my name I'm English! But a good win always deserves a celebration and my husband's distant Scottish ancestry will let me cheer the Scots team!
    I've given up freecell for Lent again. Even on Sundays; I daren't allow myself even 1 Sunday game or I shall be lost.
    There's always chocolate to fall back on.

  11. What a wonderful win. Congratulations!

  12. Anonymous2:19 PM

    marvelous win...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy the post game play by play replay shows. such fun...
    Your cats look great but pooped, your beautiful shawl is all but finished and Archie is next up on the roster. I'll bet he feels like he won!!!
    I think an investment in a blocking board will lift you off the floor?

  13. So happy for you that they WON! as for the resolution - it may be another setting... if you can take a photo or screenshot and email it to me sogalitno at then i can see what i can figure out.


  14. So who did you say won the Calcutta Cup? All these years of planning have paid off!! Congratulations. ALexander will treasure it.

  15. Whoo hooo!
    Do you know why Kristie in BC stopped posting? She seems to have vanished.

    1. She's still on instagram. You don't have to be a member to see photos and comments