Friday, February 23, 2018

I blocked the shawl, not altogether straight. Now that I'm on my own, I could block on the double bed and spend a couple of nights in the spare room. I think, if I live to knit any more lace, I'll have to do that, although I'd be sorry to lose my comfortable bed, even for two nights. But crawling around on the floor is getting a bit difficult.



It’ll have to do.

I have resumed the Soutache scarf, not altogether successfully. And brioche is not very frog-able. My comfort is that I am knitting the centre part which will largely disappear behind the wearer’s neck. By the time I emerge out the other side, I should have remembered how to do it.


Here is a perfect illustration of the difference between the sisters’ tails. The floor looks like that because Paradox has been savaging a roll of kitchen paper. Perdita still growls and hisses, but without much conviction. As you see, they have reached a modus vivendi.

And here is Perdita taking her turn on the computer. She has made some changes to the settings which I don’t approve of, but can’t figure out how to change. Things are sort of elongated. She is a very clever cat.

Non-knit, non-cat

When I sit down here tomorrow evening, I’ll know who won the Calcutta Cup. The friends who drove me to the funeral will be at the match, but not Alexander, who failed to get tickets.

I have bought myself a spiralizer. A friend points out that I could probably have had it for a quarter the price at a charity shop: spiralisers were big a few years ago. Still, it’s fun, and works well. There is more spiralizing coming up in next week’s Mindful Chef meals.


  1. CarolM3:10 AM

    I'm so excited to see your shawl - it looks beautiful! Congrats on finishing it and blocking it. Really? on the floor? Bravo!
    P.S. your two furry ones are just adorable.

  2. Anonymous3:12 AM

    The shawl is truly lovely! Such deep borders. .
    The power of blocking is very clear.

  3. Blocking a shawl that size really requires two people - or well trained cats perhaps? :)

  4. Your shawl looks lovely with the lace opened up by blocking. I wonder whether you read Diana Athill? She describes planting some new roses with a group of other elderly ladies, none of whom can get up again if they once get down to ground level. Blocking on the floor must be a similar adventure.

  5. Wow! The shawl is GORGEOUS! Well done, Jean.
    I block on the guest bed, but Timothy likes to lie upon my knitting. He's usually a compliant knitting cat but every so often he gets into the sock knitting and loses double points.
    I'm glad Perdita is adjusting to Paradox. They are both so beautiful.
    I'm wrestling with my first Norwegian mittens. I'm not sure why I picked black Karbonz needles to go with navy blue wool. I'm straining to see my stitches AND having to use colored pencil to keep my place on the chart. I'm a newbie.

  6. It’s probably the resolution. Is it an iPad or laptop. Let me know and I can advise

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. Your family is so fortunate to have such beautiful, lovingly created works of art to be kept and cherished. The best I can is an occasional simple sweater, blanket, hat or cowl! I hope they suffice and provide the gateway to some memories. Congratulations! BTW, I block on the dining room table with a waterproof cover on the table itself. No more floor work for me, I’m afraid.

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Oh, if Franklin could only see your cats and read catdownunder’s comment - what a cartoon that would be. Chloe

  9. That shaw is a thing of beauty and completion and blocking a real feat. If you can get a large enough piece of foam core board (not sure what it is called elsewhere) you could block by putting in on the bed or table with towels on it. Pin into the foam core, then move the whole thing on the spare room bed and close the door. Good luck with the Cup.

  10. The shawl is spectacular. And those cats!!! That picture of Perdita working on the computer is too cute.

  11. Don't know which I like more: your cats or your new great-grandbaby's shawl! One thing I know: your future great-grandchild is lucky:)!