Friday, February 16, 2018

There is little to report. Mary Lou, thank you for telling me that those beautiful LYKKE Norwegian needles are made in Japan. You have saved me from myself. I think Loop are bringing them along to the EYF. I might just take a peep.

On Wednesdays Kate Davies gives us West Highland Way people a new pattern with an unpronounceable geographical name connected with the Way – and on Fridays we get an essay from her about the place. This week’s one is particularly interesting, about Glasgow’s water supply.

I knew Glasgow got its water from Loch Katrine, and that it is particularly good water. I didn’t know what a feat of Victorian engineering was involved, nor that it was built in response to a mid-century cholera epidemic. Maybe the essay will be available on her blog soon. Or maybe you’d have to buy the book. Hopkins’ Inversnaid makes an appearance this week, too.

The shawl centre continues well. The markers for the two final corners are getting closer.

I found the new “Shetland” (on television) rather dull, and abandoned it. It was wonderful to see the landscape, though. Tonight I will watch Nigel Slater's food programme. He's in Iran.

An old friend has died, the Kirkmichael neighbour who for many years farmed our fields. He was 93, even older than my husband. Other old friends will take me with them to Kirkmichael for the funeral next Wednesday. Greek Helen, unfortunately, will be in Greece. 


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Sorry to hear your old friend has passed. glad you have other old friends to accompany you to the farewell ceremonies and talk over old times.
    Have found your Kate Davies references fascinating and now I'll have to see if I can spot that new pattern. Thank you.
    Have at it an be well!

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Well what do you Know.... I signed up for Kate Davies news letter and was directed to prove I am not a robot. After picking out all sections with busses, I was directed to pick out all matching sections of the same picture. Unable to see any matches (?) my humanity is unverifiable and my botic perspicacity in attempting to appear human was rejected by Kate Davies web site. Excuse me. I must shut down and reboot to handle this rejection.

  3. I am sorry to hear of the loss of a friend, and glad you have company for the trip. I enjoyed the Shetland books, but found the series rather dull as well. I have a favorite Persian restaurant here, so I look forward to hearing a report on Nigel Slater.