Monday, November 05, 2018

I continue to steam forward with the Calcutta Cup vest, as long as you understand by “steam forward” the achievement of perhaps five rounds on a really good day. Little and often, however, gets the job done. It’s looking good, although I don’t know that I don’t prefer the Swatch Scarf, where the arrangement of each motif was chosen simply because I hadn’t tried it yet.

I got out an old (moth-eaten) sweater of my husband’s this morning. The vest stands up to it pretty well, size-wise. Alexander is coming over to see me on Wednesday, I think. I’ll measure again from shoulder-socket to shoulder-socket.

The Autumn VK turned up today (with the promise that the Holiday issue, containing various interesting-sounding goodies, will be published tomorrow). This one doesn’t offer much. If you sat me down with a pistol to my head, I’d knit Amy Gunderson’s yoke sweater, but I’d rather not.

There is an affecting introductory article by the editor bemoaning the end of Classic Elite. She almost has me rushing to order madtosh for the Foldlines sweater and KD’s Stronachlachar, both, to support the knitting yarn industry. I may yet do it.

Jenny (comment yesterday), you’re right about colour. KD’s Buachaille in “Highland Coo” looks distinctly orange (as does a highland cow). I find the website a bit difficult to manage, colour-wise. The page with the kits gives colour-names without examples, and by no means all the names are as expressive as “Highland Coo”.  You have to go to the yarn page to find out what’s what, and even there it isn’t entirely easy.

But I now know that I want “Macallum” – a “raspberry red”.


“The Little Drummer Girl” is one of my favourite books. I made the mistake of re-reading it recently (good as ever) in preparation for the television series --  which seems, after two episodes, flat and rather boring. Any adaptation is likely to be thinner than the source, I guess, but then, remember the BBC "Pride and Prejudice".  I still remember my keen disappointment, as a child, going to see “My Friend Flicka”. I really thought I was going to see on the screen the images of that dear book as they lived in my head. Not so.


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I'm glad you went for Macallum. I liked it much better in the Rav projects than Highland Coo. But didn't want to criticize your choice.

    Beverly In NJ

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    After much squinting and enlarging and standing on my head, I took the leap with Macallum and am very happy with it at first sight. Not orangey and pretty close to a true medium red in the slightly dim lighting of my house. Haven't switched yet, though, but am optimistic. Chloe

  3. I read "The Little drummer Girl" on your suggestion and am now deep into Le Carre. I think one of the problems with adapting this kind of novel is that some of the tradecraft machinations are easier to explain, or in some cases leave enigmatic, in print. And the central character's motivation becomes more puzzling without the abusive and exploitative boyfriend. It certainly does not have the pace of "Killing Eve."

  4. I've been traveling with little time to read, so I am happy to catch up and see that you are steaming ahead!

  5. i forgot to add that if you haven't seen it, you must look at Toast Magazine. I saw the link in Mason Dixon Knitting and remembered you shopping there. A vet with some fabulous vests and sweaters she knit!