Thursday, November 22, 2018

I’m two and a half rounds away – and one of those is single-colour – from finishing the Calcutta Cup vest, at least, if I don’t add the half-OXO that Maureen so brilliantly suggested, and if I don’t count the finishing and the knitting of armhole and v-neck ribbing. Corrugated ribbing, at that. Still, it will be a milestone. I can surely get myself back in there to finish that much off tonight.

Thank you for your intelligent and helpful comments about kitchen-huddle. I was talking to Alexander about it when he was here yesterday. I think I stay up too late, sometimes, because I am too tired to go to bed. Walking along the corridor! Getting undressed! Brushing my teeth! It all seems too much, so I go on huddling.

The kitchen and the sitting room are both well-lit and warm. Perhaps I huddle in the kitchen because it is my room, unencumbered by furniture and pictures acquired during my long years of married life.

But everything will seem better once we pass the solstice.

I logged on to Loop, London, this morning (link in yesterday’s blog) to order two stripey hat kits, and they seemed to be saying that they were out of stock. I tried again just now, and they seemed to be saying that they had one. So I ordered it. I wouldn’t have time to knit two before Christmas anyway. But I am  much inclined, as well, to go ahead and order KD’s Stronachlachar kit in whatever that cheerful colour was we agreed on the other day. “Foldlines” can wait until the light comes back.

I hope you all enjoyed your turkey.


  1. Why not get yourself ready for bed earlier while you still have some energy - warm dressing gown for the late evening?

    When my father passed away, my mother took to using his chair in the sitting room. She explained that this meant she did not have to look at a constant reminder of his absence. I thought this was a very wise thing to do.

    1. Beverley Francis10:03 PM

      I so agree! Was just going to post the same. On Saturdays after the garden etc I shower and get into pjs and dressing gown and enjoy chilling out by the fire. That way just have to get up and brush my teeth and get into bed.

    2. Ditto. I find myself putting on pajamas earlier and earlier. I finish my reading and get straight to bed; sometimes even finish reading IN bed.

  2. My Mum took back ownership of her kitchen by sitting in Dad's seat, after he was gone. It was the one right by the Aga, with a view of the garden and the bird table, instead of the shed wall and door (my seat looked out at the coal bunkers).
    I also remember her saying "I'm 85 - I am allowed to not clear my plate like a good girl". You just carry on being you and doing what seems good to you!

  3. One of the great pleasures in life is reading - in bed.
    The Senior Cat (aka as my father)had a tendency to stay up too late. We have now agreed on a "bedtime" and he (somehow) sticks to it and says he feels better for it.

  4. I am glad to see I am not the only one who gets ready for bed well in advance. Since i generally fall asleep while knitting/reading/watching a movie I can just trundle up to bed and fall in. Jean let me know if you can't find another kit and I'll what there is in the shop.

  5. =Tamar3:39 PM

    Perhaps it is time to consider a rearrangement of furniture, and some redecoration. If the pictures make you sad, change them.
    Reading in bed is one of life's pleasures. My only caveat is that there be a table handy to put the book on, and that books not be allowed to accumulate on the bed itself. Books are like cats, they will push you out of their way.

  6. I agree. Take over the sitting room and redo it. Just moving the chairs around or perhaps gifting your husbands chair to a family member? Make it YOUR room. And I agree about changing into evening clothes or pjs earlier. I change once I get home before I feed the cats and deal with litter etc. I change into sweats and t shirts sweaters and such but still it’s the same idea. I often sleep in my sweats because I keep my thermostat very low. It must be hard to see the memories in your sitting room but you can make new memories and turn it into your own space.