Wednesday, November 07, 2018

I’m sorry about yesterday. Archie and our niece C. came to lunch – we ate augmented Mindful Chef – and we had a good time, I think. But then I actually fell asleep during Pointless, and went to bed shortly thereafter, for a restless night of American elections.

Two bits of news yesterday: James is coming tomorrow to talk to a man at the Royal Botanic Gardens here about Chinese plants. This is in pursuit of a news story of some sort, but should also be interesting – James has become a passionate gardener since retiring to suburbia. I wouldn’t mind going along to listen.

And I learned that my dear cleaning woman Daniella is not only pregnant, but six months pregnant. So  maybe I’ll be knitting a red Baby Surprise. And oh dear, as far as cleaning is concerned.

Here is the present state of the Calcutta Cup vest. 

At least it has advanced since the photograph in my header was taken. A rough measurement, taken as it was lying there on the chair for photography, shows it to be exactly the measurement of Alexander’s chest, namely 39”. Can blocking produce another 2” for ease? Worst case scenario is that his wife Ketki will have to wear it.

Fruity Knitting this week. Even Andrea can’t interest me in button-making, I’m afraid, but it was wonderful to “meet” Carol Sunday, a great heroine of mine. And I haven’t even finished with the episode yet.


  1. The looks wonderful. I think that blocking colorwork gives a few inches. I have taught Dorset and Yorkshire buttons over the years. They are quick and fun, but I have to say I have no garment with them on it!

  2. The Calcutta Cup Vest is progressing nicely and is beautiful. Nice to see a photo of your progress.
    And need some cat photos as well, if they cooperate.

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM

    The Calcutta Cup vest looks terrific.
    Thanks for the photo!

  4. Your Fair Isle work is wonderful.

  5. =Tamar5:09 AM

    There's nearly twice as much as there was before! I'm certain I've seen photographs of Fairisle sweaters being blocked, and all you are asking is an inch from 18 1/2 inches to 19 1/2.

  6. The vest is looking good. You can only try for the extra inches and move to Plan B if it does not work. Of course, you could knit two narrow cabled strips in your background colour and insert them up each side, treating the fabric just as though it were steeks.

  7. Jean, the Calcutta Cup vest looks great! I guarantee you can easily get a couple of extra inches with blocking Fair Isle. I use a wooly board unless I’m blocking a yoke sweater, then I block flat and use blocking wires to avoid ripples in the fabric.

  8. Inspirational photo!

  9. Your Calcutta vest is so beautiful. Fair isle takes time, but is so worth the effort:)!