Monday, November 12, 2018

That was a more productive day.

My dear cleaner was here, so it behoved me to keep out of the way. And knitting in the morning is an especial pleasure this time of the year. I’ve finished another OXO on the Calcutta Cup vest. The decreases are making themselves felt. It is time to go back through my (largely unintelligible) notes and to consult patterns and tape measures and decide precisely where I’m going to stop.

I had help:

I thought of the famous photograph in the Museum in Lerwick. I hope that cat’s gene pool is being carefully preserved.

Thank you for your comments, as ever. I think you could be right, Beverly, that I could block even the Princess with Archie’s help. I will write to Becca and say so. Shandy, you can’t imagine how slow and dopey I have become. I think the attempt to knit another shawl would just lead to unimaginable stress and the possibility that I would still be removing blocking pins as all stood up to welcome the bride.

(On the other hand, Rachel has another daughter, and there are two more granddaughters behind that one. It might well be worth attempting a third shawl, at leisure – even if I don’t live to finish it.)

Mary Lou, I had another look at the Tomten. Do you include the hood? It looks too complicated for me, with or without. I then went on to re-read Knitting Without Tears. EZ really did have to re-invent the wheel, without the help of the Internet. It is no wonder she sounds a bit bossy sometimes.


And I got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done, thanks to the Internet. I’m sure I have passed the age at which my mother regularly launched this trying season with a letter saying that she wasn’t going to do anything about Christmas this year. She didn’t have the Internet either, and it’s probably just as well in that case.


  1. I find the Tomten easier than the baby surprise. I've made several, I should find the photos, which are probably not digital, and the babies are now in college, or older. I've made it with and without the hood. I think there is an update of the pattern in one of EZ's leaflets. I'll have to look at my binder.

  2. I realise that another Princess might be too much but there are some absolutely lovely wisps of wedding shawls available on Ravelry which would not take years to knit. What a great opportunity.

  3. Such great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I got to view EZ's PBS series recently and found her less bossy in speech than in print since she often gets that twinkle of humor in her eye. Worth a look if you get the chance. Thank you for the beautiful kitty picture! Chloe

  5. I’ve made the Tomten as well, several times. I don’t think you’d find it difficult and the end result is quite satisfactory.

  6. I concur with Amy and Mary Lou that the Tomten Jacket is much easier than the Baby Surprise. I’ve knit it with and without the hood and think that the hood is better for a toddler than an infant. Just my thoughts.

  7. Our cat, Pandora, is round just like Paradox. She’s a calico also.