Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thank you for your kind words about the Calcutta Cup vest. I’m rather pleased with it myself. I have picked up the stitches for the v-neck – it took the full 45 minutes of Pointless to do it – and have corrugated-ribbed around for the first time, during the earlier part of the news. Maybe this will be the evening when I get myself back in there to watch those bloody lions and go on knitting.

Mary Lou, I don’t recognise that bind-off, but I’ll figure it out. Try it and you may, I say. And I’ve got that little book called “Cast On Bind Off” which ought to help. And I ought to be able to find it, after recent reorganisations.


I don’t understand the relationship between my cats. Sometimes I think the younger one, Paradox/Persia, is a bully. Sometimes I think it is just that she has never spent a day of her life separate from other cats, and thinks it is all right to jump on poor Perdita as she used to jump on her brothers and sisters.

But it’s Perdita who is my cat. My husband used to say so, rather bitterly, but it’s true.


  1. The vest looks really good. Great work! I think your cats are just being cats!

  2. We’ve had many cats and dogs over the years and none have ever cuddled together. They’ve all cuddled with us, but never one another. There seems to be a permanent detant.

  3. The cat that walked by itself . . .
    They are all the same - have you ever heard of a pack of cats? They may live in loose association as feral cats, but they don't bond up like dogs do. Your two are doing well.

  4. Our last two cats used to curl up together, even when one had a broken leg all bandaged up. They would squash into an impossibly small space. They were brother and sister from the same litter.
    The current two cats, again from the same litter, but sisters, seem to loathe each other. The only time they are ever 'friends' is when we put them in a cattery - they have to share a pen and the cattery people say they share the same bed at night - they never do that at home. At least they don't do more that hiss, growl, and take the occasional swipe at each other.

  5. I'm no help on two cats. I've only had one at a time my whole life. As you say, they are "my" cats, the rest of the family rank below me in terms of affection. Good luck with the bind off. Anna in Toronto

  6. Step 1: Knit two together through the back loop
    Step 2: Slip the stitch on your right needle back on to your left needle. Repeat till done.

    I am not a cat owner, but there are cats at the barn, including two new ones who came together as kittens. I have never seen them together at all.