Thursday, November 15, 2018

Maureen, thank you. That’s what I’ll do – or at least, when I’ve finished the next peerie and viewed the situation, that’s what I’ll consider doing: knitting half of the following OXO and joining everybody at the shoulder in the way you suggest. The idea even wove its way into my dreams last night: could I kitchener the shoulders using two needles with two colours of yarn?

No, I think is the answer.

It has been a strange day, politically. Is the United Kingdom going to fall apart? It is all Mr Cameron’s fault, of course, for initiating that referendum. I suspect, if you could go back to the beginning, we were all pretty well in favour of free trade. And obviously there have to be rules: British pigs and Danish pigs have to live under similar conditions, or the nation who cuts the most corners will have an advantage in the bacon market.

But then there got to be so many rules, all issuing from behind closed doors in an un-elected Brussels. And ideas about greater integration, next to impossible on a continent with so many languages and so much history. I would have voted Remain, had I had a vote. But I wasn’t entirely sorry that the electorate chose Leave.

And now look where we are.

As for knitting, I have finished the penultimate peerie of the Calcutta Cup vest and embarked upon the last full OXO.

Andrew and Andrea offered a question-and-answer session with Meg as a perk for patrons. I have never bothered with patrons’ perks before, but I listened to that one, all the way through, for the sake of her voice.

I must have misunderstood Kate Davies: there was nothing new today. Thank you for your lovely comment yesterday, Joan.


  1. why is brussels un-elected?? they are elected - by the people of europe!

  2. You certainly can kitchener with two needles and two different yarns. Just takes focus.

  3. Jean - I have great respect for you, but as Woolly Bits notes, Brussels is not unelected. The Council of Ministers are elected politicians, the European Parliament are elected politicians. The European Commission is the civil service of the EU - the Commissioners are nominated by member states and the President (more accurately described as Chair) is appointed by the heads of EU member states. All of the rules presented by Brussels are the result of a political process involving our representatives at national level (Council of Ministers) and elected politicians in the European Parliament. We are part of that process. We have a say and for some matters we have a veto.

  4. Dear Jean, I do not think you misunderstood Kate Davies. I saw on another blog (Ella Gordon's, I think) that Kate will have a new book out called Millarochy Heids. If the picture I saw is any indication, It will be another stunning work of art:)! (Sorry, cannot italicize or underline for book titles...).

  5. Forgot to add that the information came from Kate's Instagram post.

  6. Sorry to be a pest, but thought you might like the pre-order link (oh dear, there goes my budget!):

  7. There is a tutorial on grafting in 2 colours on Kate’s website in the tutorials section:
    I hope that helps!