Thursday, November 01, 2018

I knit a tiny bit more of the Calcutta Cup vest. It’s painfully slow, partly from lack of practice, partly because I am so weak and slow and clumsy. It’ll speed up, not least because I am losing stitches to the armhole decreases and very soon to the v-neck. I must do some more serious stitch-counting tomorrow to get that placed right.

My new Personal Trainer is to make a first appearance tomorrow. We’ll see.

Perhaps I’d better get back to kefir and kimchi, to replace the microbiome wiped out by that diarrhoea. I am much weaker than I was in Catania.

One more thing to add about our trip, perhaps: Mount Etna was a bit of a disappointment. Good old Vesuvius was much as remembered, and we saw it several times. I expected Etna was nearer to its city, and it is of course still active. But one is not aware of it at all when walking around Catania. We saw it looming in the distance the day we were driven out to Piazza Armerina.


  1. Perhaps a visit to your doctor is called for, to rule out any serious underlying reason for your continued weakness? Certainly the kimchi won't do any harm.

  2. A tiny bit is a start at least and it will all come back to you. Remember that if you do not like the line of decrease on your V-neck you can always pick up a different line when it comes to doing the neck band. I was interested to hear Hazel Tindall say that this is what her mother would do on their childhood jumpers.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    what is your personal trainer to do with you anyway. Is this trainer a physical personal trainer - or what - cuz I think that is exactly what you might need right now. The kefir and kimchi right too!

  4. Build the biome and the body! You may have picked up something, an MD visit couldn't hurt. I forgot to add that in the Voyage to Italy movie, it wasn't clear what the season was, but everyone carried an umbrella and wore a jacket, so it may have been the fall rainy season, too.

  5. =Tamar2:56 PM

    Another vote for consulting your doctor and also rebuilding the microbiome. If your personal trainer is not also a dietician, I'd say see a dietician too. There may be a micronutrient out of balance. (For example, I know I am sensitive to a lack of magnesium.)

  6. Go Jean! You'll feel better soon, I'm sure. Maybe some yogurt or probiotics to help rebuilding along?
    And hopefully the PT will help you get stronger and also help/show you new ways to do things that make things easier! I know there's a kind of therapist (offshoot of physical I think) that helps people rearrange and modify their homes and workplaces so they're comfy and easy to use (we're planning to get someone in after the New Year who specializes in that sort of thing for Mom and see what we can do about the house besides bathroom remodel and stair-climber to make everything easier for her to do). Good luck and good knitting!

    1. Is it an occupational therapist you're thinking of?

  7. All the above looks excellent advice. I discovered that I really don't like kimchi but my home made sauerkraut was astonishingly easy and I am enjoying it as a salad. Much less gloopy than coleslaw.
    My father (aged 90) is always amazed at how tired he is after adventures abroad. 'I find i keep wanting to have a snooze') he complains. So would i after a hectic holiday with all that walking and sightseeing. And I'm only (!) 62.