Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Italian lesson went better with Skype on the iPad, but still left me prostrate with nervous exhaustion. I’m beginning to come round now. Leopardi is depressing, at least as much as I have seen of him so far.

I consulted a couple of authorities on stitch-picking-up, and decided that I didn’t have too many after all. I am now embarked on corrugated ribbing around one of the sleeve-holes and may even finish that one tonight, if I can stay awake for a promising-sounding documentary about lions.

I’ve finished with “Unforgotten”. Just as well. It’s a terrific time-waster. I spotted another actor beloved from the Olden Days, Bill Paterson, in what I think would be called a “cameo” role. “Paterson” with one “T”, like the great Scottish rugby player.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Jean, when I have been in workshops w/ Meg, she would suggest on an armhole ribbing that you decrease 2 stitches every other round down at the underarm to keep the ribbing from flaring out. It has worked for me.Mary in Cincinnati

  2. If you find Leopardi depressingg, perhaps you could leave him until summer when you’ll feel brighter. Is there another author who is more cheering for these dark months?

  3. Hi Jean, Although it is not totally cheerful, a book I just finished is fascinating and I would like to recommend it. The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish. Perhaps you have already heard of it.

  4. Must find “Unforgotten” - me too, many old faves among the cast you’ve mentioned, including Bill Paterson. Thanks for this lead, Jean.

  5. Well I binged through Season 1 of Unforgotten while working on a colorwork mitten. I've had to rip it out twice, which is no fault of Nicola Walker and Co. I recently read a sweet memoir-like novel you might enjoy, if you haven't read it. "My Friends the Miss Boyds", by Jane Duncan. It was recommended to me and I found it inexpensively for Kindle. (I know I shouldn't put the title of a book in quotations, but I cannot figure out how to do anything else in comments. Sr. Mary Jean will forgive me, I'm sure.)