Monday, November 26, 2018

Thank you for comments and tips. Mary, I read yours carelessly, and thereafter decreased two stitches at the underarm on every round, not every other as you (and Meg) recommend. But at that point I had already done three rounds, and there are only six altogether, so maybe it evened out.

I have finished the corrugated rib for the first armhole of the Calcutta Cup vest, as above, and hope to start the second this evening. I think it’s all right. My first experiment with corrugated rib, at the beginning of the Swatch Scarf, does flare but doesn’t matter. The ribbing at the bottom of the vest looks fine – but I think in that case I added another 10% of stitches when the ribbing was finished.

The process remains agonisingly slow, but at least an armhole has a smaller circumference than a waist, and anything can be endured for six rounds. It looks pretty good.


Thanks for the book suggestions, which I will investigate.

Beth, there are more Golden Oldies in “Unforgotten” than I have yet mentioned. The first series also has Tom Courtney – easy to spot, and brilliant – and Trevor Eve. I’ve been a fan of his since his days as Eddie Shoestring. He’s hard to spot. Spoiler alert: he plays a rather disagreeable character, rare for him, and he has some new facial hair. I got it in the end. Good acting goes a fair way towards smoothing out an improbable script.

I went off to bed early last night, feeling even less well than usual. I hope I’ll stay up to watch those lions tonight, as I get a bit forrader with that ribbing.

Mary Lou, I didn’t know about not putting book titles in quotation marks. I suspect Sr Mary Jean was a more demanding mentor than any we had at Asbury Park High School.


  1. Mary Lou, I had to laugh at your comment about book titles in quotation marks. I tried several times to underline the title of the book I recommended and failed, so I just left it.

  2. Mary Lou, I tried several times to underline the title of the book I recommended and failed, so I just left it. I had to laugh at your mention of Sr Mary Jean.
    And Jean, We watched Unforgotten and were hooked, but actually preferred Grantchester. I only wish my mother, a devout Episcopalian, could have lived to see it. She would have loved it.

  3. Thenks, Jean and others, for the tip about decreasing on every other row in the armhole ribing. I am about to knit some, and will try it and see how it goes.

  4. Ribbing at the end of project always seems to go more slowly because I want it to be finished. Corrugated ribbing is rather tedious, but six rounds can be endured, you are right. And wasn't Tom Courtney brilliant?

  5. Underlining a book title is an instruction from the editor to italicize, three underlines means all caps, and two means small caps. Bit of silly information from a proofreading job I once had for a printing company here in the Baltimore area. Hope that helped.:)

  6. =Tamar7:48 PM

    When neither real underlining nor italics is available, I use fake underlining: I put one underscore at the beginning and one at the end of the title, thus: _title_. I think it is less obtrusive than using all caps, and less confusing than using quotation marks, which sometimes indicate sarcasm.