Tuesday, November 13, 2018

You win some, you lose some…

I can’t find the zapper thing to turn on my television. I think it must have been Maureen’d, to use my sister’s eloquent expression – tidied away by my dear cleaner while I was out shopping this morning. The other one, the channel-changer, is in its place. I always keep them together.

There ought to be a way to turn the machine on at source, but I can’t find it. I don’t watch much television; it doesn’t really matter, except for “Pointless”.  But it’s maddening, nevertheless.

I calculated how far I’ve got to go with the Calcutta Cup vest. A peerie (already embarked upon), an OXO, another peerie, is the answer. That will leave me with an armhole slightly less deep than I would prefer, but another OXO on top would be absolutely too much. I should have started the armhole steeks half an inch sooner.

We shall see. Alexander will probably be here tomorrow, and I will measure him for armhole depth.

Several of you have written to me (in comments and out) urging me to knit next summer’s bride a shawl of her own. I may do it. I’ll certainly put the options to her. But I’ve got to finish that vest – I owe it to Scottish Rugby. We may not win the cup again in my lifetime – 2018 was the first for 10 years.


The Sunday Times has a weekly feature called “A Life in the Day”. Last week it was Hugh Skinner, the actor who played the totally clueless intern in “W1A”. British readers should know, and if not, they have a treat in store. Just to look at his face in the picture accompanying the article is to start laughing again.

But the point is elsewhere – Mr. Skinner enjoys cooking, and likes working his way through a cookbook. I started to do that once, with Madhur Jaffrey’s “Curry Easy”, but didn’t get very far.

I am going to try again, with Fuschia Dunlop’s “Every Grain of Rice”.  I’m a great fan of hers – the doyenne of Chinese cooking, as far as GB is concerned. And individual Chinese dishes are usually only part of a meal – that should help. I will date and annotate each recipe as I proceed. The only rule is that if (when) I skip one, I will have to make a note of why.

Well, we shall see.


  1. Yes, the vest comes first, and is almost finished! I am impressed at such a cooking undertaking. I just looked up the book and saw an excellent review on "Serious Eats" one of my favorite cooking sites. I may have to get a copy.

  2. Can you call your cleaner and ask where your TV thingy is?

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Yes, they do tend to hide those on/off switches somewhere along the edge of the screen or On the back of the screen just along the bottom back edge. Or anywhere along the back.. Useful to know on occasions like this. I think you can find it eventually just keep looking. Even if you find the remote/zapper. Chloe

  4. re the vest armscye - you could always adjust it in the same way that you were contemplating for the V neck.

  5. =Tamar1:31 PM

    If the cleaner can't tell you where the zapper is, perhaps one of the cats knocked it under the furniture. Do you have a specific container where you keep the TV controllers? Perhaps, if it was Maureen'd, such a designated container would give her a comfortingly specific place for them to be tidy in. I think I've seen advertisements for such things - some kind of pocketed thing to rest over a chair arm, perhaps.