Tuesday, November 03, 2020


A long, long day.


Archie came over, and we got some things done, including hobbling around the garden. One of the plusses of having him here is that I eat better, because of cooking for him. We had fresh tuna today. On Saturday he and his brother Mungo are coming, not for chores but so that Mungo can cook for me. Sweet of them.


No knitting – I really must start knitting in the evening again. Thank you for your kind comments about the Evandoon. I claim no credit for the colours. That’s the way Kate Davies wrote the pattern, and indeed planned the yarn. I bought it in order to be cheered up in November.


Joe and Becca have sent a lovely picture of themselves and their baby, represented for now by a photograph of the scan. I can’t figure out how to get the picture out of my telephone. I’ll show it to you when I succeed. Ron, I like the idea of knitting for the baby in red. No colour is more invigorating. It is the Hindu colour for joy, worn by brides.


I haven’t finished today’s quota of “Maestro-Don Gesualdo” – and the missing bit that I haven't done is listening to today's chapter in Italian. That’s good for knitting. Maybe things are converging.


One of the things I tend to do in November is spend money foolishly. This time I am tempted by one of those notebook-diaries in which you can organise your life and especially your knitting. Kate Davies offers a rather tempting-looking one. Does anybody have any experience of such things? Does one keep up with it? Does it help hold life at bay?

Alexander just rang up, and raised the question of the King's College Choir. What about "Once in Royal David's City" (and the rest of the concert) on Christmas Eve? My guess is that they'll manage to do it, somehow. The world really does begin to totter on its foundations, if one can even contemplate cancelling Royal David's City.


  1. The Christmas Pageant at our daughter's school always began with Once in Royal David's City. So wonderful to hear it sung by the children as they processed into the auditorium. You gave me a beautiful memory.
    I started a pram blanket for a friend's grandbaby, due the end of December. I defaulted to white (it does have bobble sheep) but now am thinking red would have been lovely especially for a Korean baby. I have some nice red yarn for a little dress.
    As always, I enjoy your daily posts.

  2. Red is always good for a baby, i think. So cheerful! I find those notebooks tempting as well, but then I remember that I have to do the entry of information, and the nice book won't help me do that any more than other tools I have failed to use. You inspired to try Library Thing years ago. I spent a few hours busily entering information and have never been back. But you may not be the slacker that I am! What a lovely grandmother you must be to have such devoted grandsons!

  3. Anonymous1:31 AM

    I totally agree with the danger of "tools I have failed to use".
    I really enjoyed filofaxes decades back. (I still have a box of inserts ... now used as scrap paper)
    Then I spent years putting all of my knitting projects very diligently into Ravelry.
    Now I am a bit worried either Ravelry will be sold or just cease operations.
    (It does not seem to be so easy to download the project notes ...)
    I had always put short project notes in a regular notebook - an offline option back when one could actually be offline ...
    So yes I have bought a "knitting planner" for 2021. I didn't know about the Kate Davies version. I decided to try the Martina Behm Strickmich planner which has special knitting sections (goals, projects, etc).
    I am going to try to use it for regular life as well as knitting (but not work-related tasks. There are too many!)
    I do like alarms for impending events so I will end up using the phone calendar as well.
    yes I am going to spend time planning ... and writing (hoping to use some fountain pens and nice inks).
    Will I also get tasks done?
    Very very good question.
    Maybe I will try to report in March or April.

    I am also interested in these five-year journals. Each page is one day of the year, with five sections for five years. Just write a short line or two on a day - and have the opportunity to compare with previous years.
    A different concept.
    Maybe that would appeal to you Jean?

    The Evandoon stripes are excellent!
    Lisa RR

  4. =Tamar4:37 AM

    I believe there have been some small group concerts done across Zoom and other sharing media and posted on Youtube. Much then depends on the skill of the person assembling the soundtrack.

  5. Did you say that Mungo has a new job in London? Will that be affected by the new lock-down? Or are these intrusive questions given that we have never met this young man?

  6. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I did know that your colors were part of Kate Davies' pattern, Jean. But seeing them midway through your knitting all gathered on your chair sort of brought them more to life. I should have been more explanatory about that. Is Ravelry going to be sold?? It can't be a good thing. Hope it is just someone's musing about a little "glitch in their giddy-up." Ravelry works so smoothly that any little irregularity brings forth thoughts of doom. Chloe

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I've used Ravelry as my knitting diary since 2009. I am religious about entering stash and projects. I find it very helpful and truly hope rumors of a sale are just that.

    In Real Life, I use an A4 narrow ruled spiral bound notebook, even though I am in US. Each month, I make my own vertical calendar across 2 pages, with sections for appointments & happenings, hubby's appointments, dinner menu (helps with leftover use), and places to track exercise, educational videos I've watched, garden events, and volunteer work. If I need a page to rake notes or do planning, I just use the next page. I also have pages for vacation master lists, some financial stuff, recipe ideas.....

    It works for me, and because I find it useful, I do keep it up. I have far fewer science projects in the fridge, less likely to forget things to do before vacation (if we ever take one), etc.

    I also bought a special pen to use in my notebook. I love that pen, and using it makes writing a pleasure rather than a chore. It seems silly, but I guess it is a bit like finding that perfect circular needle. The ones from Michaels are fine, but the German-made (Aldi?) lace tips are just so much better!

    There is a group on Ravelry, Planner Porn, devoted yo planners, journals, diaries, all things related to them. You might find it helpful.

    Beverly in NJ

  8. Anonymous1:47 PM

    :) I always thought WE were your diary.
    However, I am just dipping into Fair Isle knitting - so I could see where YOU would need a big notebook! Your work is absolutely delicious. So are your children, grands, & great grands.