Sunday, November 01, 2020


Grand news to launch my least favourite month: Grandson Joe rang up today to say that he and his wife Becca are expecting a baby in May. The first scan has been successfully negotiated. They are the ones who were married on the Isle of Wight last summer.


So: another Shetland hap, I think. What about colour? My first thought was Scotland rugby blue, in some combination. Joe works for English rugby at Twickenham, but loyally cheers for Scotland in all matches in which England isn’t involved. But what if it’s a girl? Might blue make her feel unwanted? Joe’s parents, Rachel and Ed, have four grandchildren, all girls. More importantly, two of them are the daughters of Joe’s elder brother Thomas: so it’s up to Joe to carry on the family name. A daughter, if one arrives, will be wildly loved, as are the previous four, but still…So I’m working on that one.


I think my cold has gone away, at least for the moment. Last night I was sneezing vigorously, and my eyes felt warm. I hope you’re better, Kirsten. I tried to answer your comment last night, so much appreciated, but as with many of us, I couldn’t do it, so I stuck a message on the end of the blog itself, but you may not have seen it.


The Evandoon has progressed well. My current instruction is 8 or 9 rounds on which I increase on the body sections only. I’m about halfway through that.  I’m afraid I didn’t take a picture. I’ve moved to a longer needle,  but will be glad to abandon the sleeve stitches and return to the original one.


And I’ve done Chapter Two of Maestro-Don Gesualdo in all three formats. Not a bad day!


  1. To add to the thoughts re colds and viruses. I read somewhere that the residents of an Antarctic research station had an outbreak of colds, some thing like twenty nine weeks into a period of work when the only contact with the outside world was by radio waves - no new people, no deliveries. So how can anyone avoid a virus anywhere, anytime? If it is ready to play, it will, and the only real answer is work on our immune system, eat good food, and live well. I think you do that Jean.
    My what a veritable cascade of Great Grandchildren. Wonderful!

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Lovely news! And another hap which we can vicariously enjoy. Surely a girl would not find it off-putting to have some dark blue in her hap? After all Scotland have a Womens' Rugby Team. Perhaps one of your great-granddaughters might choose to play rugby...

    You solved the hap question for little Hamish with a pleasing juxtaposition of colours in stripes,, inspired by the national flag. Well, Scotland has the white saltaire on a blue background, the red lion rampant (with blue claws) on a yellow background and numerous tartans, not to mention the purple and green of the thistle. Oh! The possibilities! The delicious contemplation of yarn!

    Whatever you decide, it will be splendid.
    Helen (anon)

  3. What joy to have so many great grandchildren.

  4. What wonderful news at the end of such a lousy year! I am sure that all of us reading today are smiling with you. And I think that good news gave you a boost of energy. You have not sounded so positive about your day in a long time. We just turned our clocks back last night, and 5 o'clock today was a nasty surprise, why I don't know. Take care and stay safe.

  5. Blue is my favorite color and I am a girl (well, as in "old girl") and when people think blue is not for girls it makes me grumpy!

  6. I'd take blue over pink any day. I discovered pink used to be used for a dusty yellow colour, from German 'pinkeln' meaning urine. It changed when the flowers called pinks, because of their 'pinked' petals, became popular. Fascinating, even if it turns out to be untrue.

  7. Scotland blue with some white! Then she can wear it to keep warm later when she goes to games.