Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Every day that this goes on, it becomes stranger. Biden is behaving very well. There's an excellent BBC podcast called Americast. (Google: you'll find it.) I wonder if they have put one up yet about the current situation. Podcasts are wonderful for knitting-to.


I finished an Evandoon stripe while watching Helen last night, and was glad to see some of you there. I think the whole thing will be up soon, but I don’t have a link yet. There were some fascinating bits, including some very near here that I have had never spotted. And one near the end that look like Kaffe.


Sarah, thank you for the link (comment yesterday) to the mosaic art in the New York subway. Amazing! I told Helen this morning while we were trudging around the garden – she already knew, and was full of enthusiasm. The New York subway I remember – not all that long ago – was dirty and ugly and confusing. Much seems to have changed. Mary Lou, I’ll try her on the Library of Congress tomorrow.


Shandy, where is your blog? I have drifted away, and now very much want to come back.


And Shandy and Janet, thank you for news of the Harlot. I looked at Instagram, but it’s not the same. Does the Canadian government do anything for people like her who have lost all their income to the pandemic? The British government does, even for the self-employed, but it’s a bit capricious.




Two more stripes to go, on the body of the Evandoon, unless I lengthen it.


I gave some (mostly unsatisfactory) thought to dp storage today. I had a message from someone – I thought it was you, Tamar – about using cardboard tubes. I can’t find the message, but I thought it a good idea, and the internet didn’t seem to have anything better. Someone did offer clear plastic sleeves, divided horizontally into four or five sections per page, and closed with a zipper. That sounded good, but the cost was preposterous, even for my extravagant self. I’ll start saving the insides of toilet paper rolls.






  1. Canada does have an income support program for self-employed persons who have lost their income due to Covid.

  2. Yes, I noticed that wonderful mosaic near the end but I thought it looked like a quilt. you are right, though, that Kaffe did some oversized jackets with elongated diamonds. My thoughts on the Harlot are pure speculation, but it is odd that she has been silent for so long this time.
    My blog is at Scroll down and you will find some knitting, although I have reverted to charity knitting over the last few weeks.

  3. Another thought for dpn storage is one of those hanging jewelry keepers that looks a bit like garment storage with plastic windows with zippers. They are pretty inexpensive in a big box store, probably online or at a second hand shop - if any of those work for you. I have used this system for years and love it b/c there is no labeling involved. I just look in the compartment to see the size of the ones in there. It also makes it more likely that I return needles there after using.

  4. The Harlot has started an excellent Pattern channel at a very reasonable cost. My impression is that the learning curve as she produces these videos from home has been a steep one. The downside is that her blog has been about many things while the Pattern channel is dedicated to knitting.

  5. Is that Patreon? It's $6 per month; just google "yarn harlot patreon" and there you are. I haven't joined because I am not very good about watching videos on line; much better at reading. But I miss the Harlot so may have to join.

  6. =Tamar6:10 AM

    I flatten the cardboard tubes and tape the bottom closed. That way I can pick them up. Each tube holds more than one set of dpns so if I want to use two sets at once they are together. I stand them upright in a clear plastic box made to be hold file folders (I have a _lot_ of dpns). The advantage of the cardboard is that the size can be written directly on it. I actually have some of the flexible clear plastic that is used for the hanging folders but I haven't gotten around to making holders.

  7. I bought a bunch of small cardboard tubes from Knitpicks for my dpns. I put the size number on the outside and keep them all in a drawer. I like your idea of a toilet roll tube for some sizes because I seem to have collected many sets of dpns in some sizes and I need more than one tube to corral that size.
    I have one of those hanging things for my circulars. My, rarely used straights are in an old Quaker Oats oatmeal carton.
    This makes me sound organized. The trick is returning things to their places. That’s my weakness.

  8. How about kids pencil pouch/bag for dpn storage? They are really reasonable, downright cheap actually, and probably available at a pound store. I think that’s what dollar stores are called over there. Might be worth a look.

  9. re DP storage. I found a tip years ago and ordered plastic tubes with caps and then you can use a sharpie on the cap or use painters tape or a label maker to mark the size on the side. They are fabulous.. however I cant find from where I ordered them... so i checked and of course Amazon has tons of options. be sure and measure your longest dp and get the tube a bit longer.

    this is amazon us search

  10. here is another option ...