Friday, November 06, 2020


Well, it looks as if Biden won. It’s been a long, hard week. Now we wait with interest to see what happens in the White House in the next two months.


Did any of you see a little clip – better yet, did you see it in context? – which the BBC had up for a while, during the confirmation hearings for the new Supreme Court justice?  Kamala Harris asked her (a) did she think that the coronavirus was infectious? (b) that smoking caused lung cancer? (c) what about climate change? Barratt was visibly puzzled, but answered as I would have: (a) yes (b) yes (c) that needs qualification. The episode left me less keen on Harris than I had previously been. Still, with any luck at all, Biden will survive his term. And at least they are both women, so nobody can complain about mansplaining.


My main achievement today was to finish reading The Searcher. Helen and I went for an early walk.


Franklin has posted a second vlog – this one about swatching. He has repented of an earlier pronouncement – in the Panopticon? – that swatches lie. He may have repented, but it’s true.


And I’ve knit a bit further forward on the Evandoon. Not as much as I should have.


Now for some Italian homework.


  1. Jean, I won’t believe it until Biden takes the Oath of Office. No one here (I am in a small bue city in the midst of very very red rural communities in NY State) has stopped holding their breath or expressed any sense of certainty, let alone rejoicing or relief —and I am speaking of people who desperately want Biden to win.

  2. Kristen, it is the same up here (or over here, depending on where in NY you are) in New England--we're all on tenterhooks.

    Jean, Judge Barrett may have looked puzzled (or annoyed), but I think she was being asked whether she accepts scientific evidence. Since that really doesn't require a legal interpretation, she was, for once, bound to give some sort of answer.

  3. =Tamar5:37 AM

    There are still the run-off elections, and as xkcd put it, some of the run-on elections.
    I think those were good questions, as Chris said, to determine whether she accepts scientific evidence.

  4. I had forgotten that Harris/Barrett clip. Of course, climate change is real. The average global temperature has been rising since 1900 indisputably. If anything is in dispute, it would be whether the current warming is one of the planet's natural cycles, man-made, or a combination of both. I do think the evidence points solidly toward man-made, as has been predicted for over a hundred years, but as with everything in the US, it constantly gets politicized. It will be interesting to see if Biden is able to rejoin the Paris agreement. And Chris and Kristen, I'm with you and holding my breath until January, but am definitely surrounded by pot-banging and honking celebrations here in DC.