Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 It’s hard to be entirely hostile to global warming, if it’s going to involve pleasant weather in November, this most depressing of months. I got around the garden with Helen.


I’ve cast off the body of the Evandoon, slow work, and picked up stitches for the first sleeve. I think it was you, Mary Lou, who taught me to use something slippy for the waste yarn, when stitches have to be set aside for future use. That went well, and the count is right for the size I had already decided I was embarked on. I have set boldly forth with the wrong colour, but probably not for more than 20 stitches. It will be easily put right. I’m still not used to knitting upside down.


I’m using a short circular. I haven’t read ahead, and don’t know how briskly the sleeve will decrease, obliging me to face the DP problem at last.


I did some more theoretical Christmas shopping today. Results continue depressing. I thought of some good things, and even found them on line – “out of stock”. Mugs continue to abound. The one thing to be said for the process, is that things which seemed absurdly expensive at the beginning, began to look quite possible before I was through.


Mary Lou, I’ll have a look for “Rise of the Nazis” – if it is BBC, it should be available. And maybe it’ll turn up on Netflix. It would fit right in with all that Mitford-reading I did recently.


Kirsten, I am much comforted by your thought that this is “feebleness weather”.


Have a good turkey, everybody.


  1. Just the two of us here, I'm trying a buttermilk marinated half a turkey breast. It's been many years since I cooked turkey of any sort. I am the bringer of pies. Jean, have you attempted magic loop? I am not fond of it for socks, but I often use it for sleeves. It seems to give me equivalent gauge.

  2. I’m wondering what Rachel was saying about Christmas. It’s not something one usually gets fierce least at my house.
    Great strides on your sweater. I’m knitting gifts for grandchildren these days.

  3. We are the rare family that loves turkey. Perhaps it is the recipe I use. So this year with just my husband, myself and an elderly next door neighbor who lost her husband a few years ago, we will have a rather small turkey with stuffing, and only a few other dishes. It will be a lovely quiet evening and our neighbor is delightful. She is a docent at the Whitney and quite an art collector and expert. She is 88 and like you Jean, finds that her energy is not what it was in the past. We will enjoy her company. Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.

  4. =Tamar4:29 AM

    Happy and safe day to all, and may we have all we need for the winter.