Saturday, November 07, 2020


This is the scary bit – Trump angry and wounded, with the red button under his thumb for another two months.


I didn’t achieve much. Archie and Mungo came and we had a nice lunch. I knit some more Evandoon while listening to a podcast. A good Italian lesson. I read some more of “Maestro Don Gesualdo”.


Mungo has got a job with a company that makes documentaries, sometimes selling them on to the BBC. He had two other offers – it must be worth while studying Arabic. So far he’s working from home. He did some real-time translating this week for an Arabic-speaking archaeologist who had something to tell them. He is keen to get to London where he will be sharing a house with friends from university, none of whom have jobs.


Helen will be talking about mosaics with a friend next week (Tuesday?) on YouTube – early evening here in Britain, lunchtime in the eastern USofA. You have to sign up in advance, but it’s free. This is the link:


  1. I am so disappointed! I have a Zoom meeting at that time -- will Helen post a video after the fact?

    As far as the Acting President goes, he's playing golf . . . again . . . .

  2. Like commenters from yesterday I am happy that Biden has won the election but won't really celebrate until he and Kamala Harris are sworn in this coming January. They face quite a task, I do not envy them.
    Congratulations to Mungo on his job and plans to move to London.

  3. Trump seems to be sulking, but he is probably just thinking out how to use the next few months to advantage himself and family. So good to hear a rational speech at last from the President-elect, without those awful mannerisms. When Biden said "I've lost a couple of times myself." I thought that struck the right tone.