Thursday, November 05, 2020


Andrew and Andrea have posted a Fruity Knitting session, patrons-only, with an update on Andrew’s health. It is difficult to watch dry-eyed. His symptoms are all slightly worse, and he has lost all appetite. His tumour is inoperable (we knew that). He is having some interesting-sounding radiotherapy. He is in no pain.  He is worried about what will happen if things get to a point where Andrea and their daughter Madeleine can’t take care of him. Do they have hospices in Germany?


I have just had an interesting explosion sound in the kitchen. Paradox shot out of the room in alarm. Was it outside the window? If in the room – the Aga is electric, and might have suddenly given up the ghost – why didn’t a fuse blow? We have very sensitive fuses in this house. Time will tell.


Nothing more to say about the election. We wait.


A day of largely non-achievement. I didn’t go out and walk. That was naughty. Tana French’ new book “The Searcher” turned up. I’m sure I would have read it sooner or later – probably sooner – but having it at the very instant of publication is due to you, Mary Lou, and I am grateful. I am enjoying it. It starts slowly, and accelerates.


And I have progressed with the Evandoon. Current stripe nearly finished.


Last night’s dip into my past was to the end of ’06. What a lot of achievement! Jean(fromcornwall) I was comforted by your message yesterday, and remember fondly our meeting in London. That year ended with my posting here everything I had knit in the year, the way I used to do to the Knitlist. In the good old days, I was conscientious about putting pattern and twist of yarn and, eventually, photograph, in a file. But when electronics took over, things sort of fell apart. What does it matter anyway?


I have just grasped that it is the 5th of November, That almost certainly explains my explosion. The Aga is probably all right.


  1. =Tamar6:40 PM

    Ah, I was about to mention today's date!
    Some kind of searchable record helps prevent fruitless dithering, anyway, whether it's a physical file or an electronic diary like this blog, or the 'sent-mail" function on an email program.
    Seriously, I think we all are in need of more sunlight. It does help.

  2. Just finished "the searcher" on Audible. Enjoyed it.

  3. just as info - yes, of course there are hospices in germany and the medical care is very good also! if there is anything that can help Andrew he will get it, I am sure. I hope like everybody that he'll be alright, but I don't think there will be problems with his care...

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    November 5th. is that a regular explosion day?

  5. Guy Fawkes Day! Perhaps Paradox celebrating Guy Fawkes?

  6. I picked November 5 for my last day of work so I would never forget the date. It’s now been ten years since I retired.