Sunday, November 22, 2020


All well. C. came today, and we got around the garden in bright, chill November weather. Helen and I got soaked, yesterday.


The Evandoon ribbing progresses well. Only a round or two to go. I counted the stitches. If the answer is to be believed, I’m knitting one size larger than I thought I was. Just as well, probably.




The great thing about podcasts, though, (comments yesterday) is that you can knit to them. I used to knit and read – and enjoyed the way my Kindle could increase the scale of the typeface when I did so. It’s not that I can’t do it anymore, but it  seems too much trouble. Whereas knitting to a podcast remains easy and pleasant.


(I don’t watch much television these days, and didn’t get much knitting done while I was binging on “The Crown” last week – but I might mention that the BBC is showing “Yes, Prime Minister” again, and I find it still laugh-aloud funny. The first episode – which mentioned Afghanistan, and something that wasn’t going to happen “until 2020” – was about how he could blow up the world if he wanted to, but there was no provision for his lunch.)


Tamar, thank you for your comment about vitamins and minerals. You inspire me to try harder.


I’ve been re-reading Jan Morris’ “Conundrum”. It’s really very interesting. It’s an autobiography, with her life-long conviction that she was really a woman as the common thread. She didn’t “trans” until she was middle-aged, in her 40’s, and when she did, she went the whole hog, surgery in Casablanca.

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