Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Not much knitting, but a good day. Archie came, and we got some things done, including installing an app on my iPad which should let me pay cheques into my bank account remotely. As things stand, I send Archie up the hill with them. And we got around the garden.


Tomorrow – a real treat – Helen is going to take me to Waitrose. It’s worth giving up one’s car, to have a trip to the supermarket be such a treat. The boring and heavy things will be delivered by Tesco on Thursday – cat food, cat litter, cider. Tomorrow I can prance up and down the aisles choosing a Brussels sprout here, some burrata there. I’ve spent some time today with my recipe books, imagining what I might like. I’ll have to wear a mask, of course. I truly hate them. I feel claustrophobic, and my glasses steam up.




Shandy (comment yesterday), it’s not the sore arm that worries me, but the fever. Two or three days of fever, he said.  Newspapers haven’t mentioned that, but the inventor of the vaccine ought to know. I’ll keep watching and reading. I love Professor Van-Tam. They wouldn’t approve anything that wasn’t safe, would they?


Thank you for your cat stories (comments yesterday). KnitNance, Perdita used to chase her tail in the dry bathtub when she was younger. She has rather a short tail (1/64th wildcat?) and that gave her a better chance of catching it. Nosenabook, I don’t know what sort of faces she makes when drinking from the bathroom tap – from my vantage point, all I can see are her furry trousers. I hope you get that picture.


Mary Lou, I don’t know of IMDB. Does it work over here? But I fear it would spoil the game, if I could just type in (the character’s name in The Crown) and have it come up “Cameron Strike”.


  1. I tend to do handwork when the TV is on, and I find that I recognize actors' voices more than their faces. I still have to play the "Who is that?!" game.

  2. IMDB is just a website, so it should work. I got a new prescription and the optician gave me some anti fog solution for my glasses. I haven't tried it yet. Fortunately, I can see well enough without them to do my shopping.

  3. IMDB can also be downloaded to your iPad or phone so you needn’t get up to the computer.

    If you rub detergent (no water) onto your glasses and let them dry steaming up should be less of a problem. Also make sure the mask sits under your glasses and the metal nose bridge is shaped in snugly around your nose.

  4. Jean, the actor who plays Cormoron Strike is Tom Burke. He is the so of actors David Burke and Anna Calder Marshall hope you keeping well, Enid Shaw xxx

    1. sorry, he is the SON of the actors. (gone midnight, suppose I should to beddy byes go) Enidxx

  5. =Tamar6:35 AM

    I find that it helps a bit if I put my glasses on the end of my nose, with the metal nose bridge up as far as it will go. The extra distance seems to help.

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I think the Covid research volunteers are very brave and many of them, judging from the TV interviews, seem to be quite young! Perhaps because they are more likely to recover if they do end up getting it? Still... Chloe

  7. Are you watching Nigella this time around? I caught an episode the other evening and could not believe how many ingredients she managed to pack into a fried chicken sandwich. Can you imagine heating a pan of oil for deep-frying one chicken thigh?

  8. Allison1:45 PM

    And to add to Enid's comment above, Tom Burke plays Dazzle Jennings in The Crown.