Monday, November 23, 2020


Another day of great feeblesness, hard to get from room to room, but otherwise fine. Helen came in the morning and we got around the garden: an achievement. She has got tee shirts and carrier bags and iPad covers for sale with mosaics on them, on a website called Red Bubble. It’s not entirely easy to navigate. When you get there, her things are “hmmosaics”.


I had a good Zoom with my sister, midday for me, early morning for her. No news: I think the BBC is doing rather a good job of filleting DC for us. She and her husband are not going to see their son and his family either for Thanksgiving or for Christmas. I wasn’t quite sure which of the households is exercising more caution – probably it’s mutual. My sister and her husband and their cat live in a retirement community which is doing very well, so far, at keeping the virus out. I think, being a doctor, and being in the US where things are bad, that she maybe even more scared than I am. She hopes to come to see me next year, once she has been vaccinated. (And this is good news indeed, about vaccines.)


I’m poised for the cast-off round of the Evandoon ribbing. 

This morning’s Times said that if you like “The Crown”, you should watch – also on Netflix – “Diana in her Own Words”. Wow! How could I have missed it?  It consists, with illustrations, of the actual tapes she made for Andrew Morton, on which his famous/infamous book are based. My mother was devoted to the Royal Family, to the extent that I felt vaguely, growing up, that we had some sort of connection with them, although knowing perfectly well that that wasn’t true. What would she had made of Diana?


  1. I actually knew Diana - before she was married and while she was still working in child care.(It was research that brought me into contact. I do not move in such elevated circles!) She was very kind to me and I am often tempted to write to her youngest and tell him that his mother would not be impressed by his dereliction of duty!

  2. =Tamar10:07 PM

    Cast-off - does that mean it's almost [whisper] done?

    Do you keep any record of what you've been eating? It could be informative to compare it to days when you feel weaker or stronger. Perhaps your doctor could use the information.

  3. Ribbing cast-off! Sleeves left to go? I wonder about quality of sleep, maybe related to the heart issue? If you are not getting enough quality sleep you will be fatigued. I have no answer, of course, but it is something the MD could test for.

  4. The BBC are indeed doing an excellent job of filleting DC! Sometimes when I just want to get the news without all the "talking heads," I turn to BBC News America.