Tuesday, November 10, 2020


The iPad has behaved itself impeccably today, but I have been very feeble. Archie came, and we got around the garden, and then he did some useful things, including coaxing this picture out of my telephone – Joe and Becca and their baby:


And here’s the Evandoon:


Helen’s podcast will be on quite soon now. I’ll advance the knitting a bit further while that is happening.


I was impressed (speaking of feebleness) with pictures of the Queen at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier last week – it is 100 years since he was buried in Westminster Abbey. She walked firmly from car to tomb, without a stick; and, perhaps even more impressive, stood there quietly while the Archbishop of Canterbury wittered on. She’s 93. I should pull myself together.


Chris, it was wonderful to hear (comment yesterday) that you know the yarn shop I was talking about, in Harvard Square. I remember that it was good. Someone must have told me – I’m pretty sure I went there on purpose, rather than by accident. And to think that you might have been there too, that day! Degrees of separation, indeed! I can’t remember why we were in the US, nor, given that, why we were in Cambridge. It must have been both of us – my solo visits were almost entirely to family, except for two blissful Camp Stitches and a Stitches proper. That one was overlaid with anxiety – I had left my husband with friends in Boston, and he was really too old to be left.


Speaking of feebleness, again: what’s happened to the Harlot? We haven’t heard from her for a long time. I hope she’s not going to give up blogging. That would leave only me and Queer Joe and the Socklady.

Marion (comment yesterday): I've just seen your comment, about dp storage, I've got something such as you describe, a dear friend made it for me. The trouble is that IU always open it upside down, and all the dps fall out.


  1. I think you must write your blog just before I settle down with my tablet to read everyone's blogs and do the rounds of social media and on-line news, for there are never any comments when I read; I check back in the next morning to see what people have had to say in reply.
    It's funny how one day one can feel so feeble (yesterday for me) and another one can have a bit more energy (today, as it happens). It's very variable. Some days I manage to walk round the block, others I take a short cut home and others I don't stir from the house all day. There's no rhyme or reason.

  2. I use an old pencil case for my DPNs. It zips open flat, and has little nets to hold the pencils in. It even fits a small needle gauge. Got it in an office supply store ages ago. I just watched Helen's presentation, it was fun. I always visit the Library of Congress mosaics when I am in DC. If I ever am again...

  3. Ivy Vann8:26 PM

    Woolcot and Company was the name of that yarn shop in Harvard Square. I still have some paper patterns I bought there before I was married.

    1. Yes--you are right! It came to me just now, and I was going to edit my comment to add the name. That is where I first bought knitting patterns (there were binders of patterns to look through!) and my favorites were the Penny Straker patterns because they were adaptable to various gauges. I still have them. (Before that, I just made things up as I knitted along. Ah, youth!)

  4. The Yarn Harlot has been posting on Instagram quite a bit. She is also putting together content for Patreon, I hope she doesn’t abandon the blog entirely.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed Helen's Mosaic presentation. It was informative and the images were beautiful.
    There are many interesting mosaics in the New York subway system. It is part of art in public places: https://www.timeout.com/newyork/art/best-subway-art-in-nyc

  6. I wondered whether the YH was suffering a delayed reaction to the tragic loss they suffered earlier in the year. I'm still blogging, by the way, although mostly about walks under lockdown. I also watched Helen's talk, and was mightily irritated by the other person who kept interrupting. Helen spoke with authority and the selected images were great to look at.

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I somehow missed the boat with Helen's Mosaic presentation. I have trouble keeping track of things that happen in the future, even if just a couple of days. I wonder if it will be shown again. Her site has the most beautiful examples. I love the colors. Chloe

  8. The YH has mentioned a couple of times that she doesn't plan to start blogging, but that she is finding it really hard right now. Also, the pandemic completely destroyed her source of income - teaching at events, running her retreat, etc. So she has been learning a lot about video and working on her Patreon setup.

  9. The Yarn Harlot is also dealing with a terrible loss in her family. Sometimes you have to take the time to regroup from such heartbreak.