Monday, November 09, 2020


A vaccine! This is great news indeed! Thanks, Anonymous! Light at the end of the tunnel! (The New Yorker sends me some cheerfulness every morning. Recently it was an old cartoon suggesting that the light at the end of the tunnel was only New Jersey.)


My iPad is having the vapours today and at the moment is refusing to acknowledge the internet. I feel as bereft as any teenager deprived of a telephone. The usual trick of turning the router off and then on again, doesn’t seem to work.


I’ve had a good day with the Evandoon. I listened to a couple of podcasts this morning – the iPad was in a better mood then. Podcasts are a great blessing for knitters. It’s beginning to look something like a sweater. I took a picture of it for you, but that’s currently stuck in the iPad. There are two and a half more broad stripes to go. It’s time to start looking for suitable dps for the sleeves. I’m good at storing circulars (in a hanging thing with slots which I bought, I think, in Harvard Square) but dps are more elusive.




Well done, President Bush, for congratulating Biden!

There's a scary Danish-mink story in the paper this morning. Any Covid patient who has been to Denmark recently is treated as if he had ebola or the Black Death. Clearly somebody is scared, as well as me.


Maestro-Don Gesulado continues well. I may even be inspired to write a couple of paragraphs about it in Italian. Every week I resolve to write something, and almost every week I don’t. It’s a very valuable way to learn.


Nigella’s new cookery series, to go with her new book – which I’ve already got – starts on television this evening. That will be comforting.


I was wrong: yesterday wasn’t 9/11. Today is.


I had a massive struggle with Blogger yesterday because everything was in html, as a result of that link to Helen’s talk about mosaics which I posted on Saturday. And I finally figured out how to switch back to real life. And I’ve learned something.


  1. Buying knitting needles in Harvard Square...that brings back memories. There was a lovely little yarn store there (it moved about the square a bit, once due to a fire in the building, once to expand into a larger space) that for many years was near JFK street. When I was in grad school, I spent an inordinate amount of time there, but now can't recall its name. I wonder if we crossed paths (that six degrees of separation thing)!

  2. =Tamar4:32 PM

    Switching back to real life - I wish. This current version seems very unreal.

    Storing dpns is difficult. I made cardboard "flattened tubes" with one closed end, and wrote the details on the side. They are all standing on end in a large plastic box. But I don't have a cat. If I did, I would use a closable box.

  3. My sister made me a lovely fabric roll with narrow pockets for my dpns. Each size has its own pocket ( I took a sharpie marker and wrote the sizes on the pockets), then you fold over the top to keep them from sliding out roll it up and tie the ribbon around it. It is very convenient. I think most yarn shops carry something similar. Knitters Pride, I know, makes one and both Jimmy Beans and Amazon carry them

  4. Oh, I meant to ask, re your iPad, did you check your settings? Click on the settings button ( looks like a gear) then just check what it says for wi-fi. If it says “ not connected”, then just tap on it and tap on. “ my network”. Unless your whole network is down, and it cannot be, since you are able to find the internet on other devises, that should fix it

  5. Jane Klemm8:32 PM

    Started storing dpns in toothbrush travel tube marked with a sharpie. Very handy to pull out and keep with project.

  6. If you're taking the Queens/Midtown Tunnel, sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is Long Island or alternatively, Manhattan, but equally delightful in my opinion.:)

  7. PS It will be awhile until her program gets to us in the US, but I am happily anticipating anew Nigella series:)! I just adore her!