Friday, November 27, 2020


All well. Helen and I succeeded in getting twice around the garden this morning, as hoped, although it pretty well flattened me for the day. She suggests that we try to do it once a week, which is not a bad idea.


I’ve been reading Jan Morris’ diaries, hoping for some insight into the problems of old age. Not much luck. She conscientiously did 1000 steps a day, on her walks, when older than I am. I’ll have to figure out how many are involved in circling the garden. Fewer than that, I suspect.


Not much knitting, as usual. But a little. I think the Magic Loop is going to work fine.


Jeanfromcornwall, I watched Pointless this evening, but it won’t do. It must have been filmed Before. There’s a studio audience – you can see them from behind. And there’s no sign of social distancing among the contestants, not all of whom (clearly) live in each other’s bubble. Of course I know it’s not broadcast live, but back Then I could suspend disbelief enough to imagine that it had been filmed within the last week or two. No longer, and I’m afraid it’s spoiled for me. What a lot they must have up their sleeve, to be able to go on doing this.


I’ve also done a quick re-read of “Scoop”. I had an email from Penguin yesterday, with a list of books chosen for cheerfulness, including that one. (No Wodehouse on the list, which seems odd.) They’re right, it’s very funny. It has contributed “Up to a point” to our family vocabulary, and “…on a biting-cold mid-June morning” to my own private list of favourite phrases. Lord Copper is absolutely President Trump.


 Harry Dunn’s parents have lost their case in the High Court, trying to argue that Mrs Sakoolas (who killed their son by driving on the wrong side of the road) didn’t have diplomatic immunity and shouldn’t have been allowed to go back to the USofA.  If Mrs S. had any wit, she would be able to deduce from this that she will be treated fairly by British courts if she comes back here and faces the music. Pompeo refused to extradite her. Maybe, with a new administration… I’m glad the parents are fighting on.


  1. You are right about Pointless being recycled - we are still watching it and can remember some of the more memorable contestants. Richard Osman has now got a beard, and it can be seen on his House of Games programmes. It has been seen on Pointless briefly. I got a pointless answer today - flowering trees and shrubs, Crape Myrtle, there were lots of them looking lovely in California on that brief visit.

  2. I haven’t read scoop. Some cheerful reading wouldn’t go amiss. Congratulations on the two circuits!

  3. =Tamar4:49 AM

    Twice around! And you didn't even work up to it with some kind of shorter circuit. Impressive!

  4. Twice round! You put me to shame. I will make a resolution try harder, inspired by your efforts.