Sunday, November 08, 2020

The only question now is, what is Mr Trump going to do? Fascinating, and it should keep us amused for a while. It will be interesting, too, to see what Mr Biden does about the coronavirus, but since there are still two months before he can do much of anything, and the situation may have changed out of all recognition by then, it’s no use speculating.


A friend and I amused ourselves in the spring by fitting current events into an imaginary book or Contagion-type movie. Neither of us would have thought of the Danish Mink Varient, a new and terrifying twist. Clearly they’ve got a very good script writer up there. (And who would have thought that there was that much of a market for mink in this day and age?)


C. came this morning and we did our circuit of the garden in the rain. Goodness, November is depressing. And it’s 9/11 over here today, to make things worse.


 I made progress with the Evandoon. I’m doing the fourth stripe from the end (unless I lengthen it).


One of the best features of this club/book is Kate Davies’ weekly essays. As I’ve said, no feminism this time. Today’s was about the possibilities that knitting offers – top-down or bottom-up or sideways. And the difference between knitting yourself something and plucking it off a shelf (or a computer screen). A pleasure to read.


Cam, yes, Helen says her interview with her friend about mosaics (see yesterday) will be available on YouTube after the event, but we don’t have the link yet.


Reading: I’m getting on fine with Maestro Don Gesualdo. It’s most interesting. It's what I think is called verismo. The author tells us what people say and do, and we have to figure out why. Evelyn Waugh can do it. It wasn't all that common in the 19th century.


  1. We were shocked to learn that the Danes had 17 million mink. I know it takes a lot of pelts to make one coat but that is a crazy number. Somehow one thought mink coats had had their day

  2. Some people keep minks, carefully comb them once a year, and make yarn from the hair. I have some mink yarn -- it's lovely! And no minks were harmed in the making of the product!

  3. Oh, and thank you to Helen and to you! I'll look for the video, and share it with my mosaics-interested friends!

  4. I have signed up for Helen's mosaic event and am looking forward to it.
    In Manhattan yesterday, and all over the 5 boroughs, there was dancing in the streets when the announcement was made that Biden had won. People clapped and yelled and banged pots and pans. it went on for much of the day with impromptu music in addition. One young man played America the Beautiful on the electric guitar from his fire escape. Interestingly, there was no violence but there was heavy police presence in the evening. Today I was in midtown seeing all the boarded up shop windows on Fifth Avenue. No graffiti, no sign of any disturbance. Let's hope the peace continues.

  5. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Just thought I'd drop in and tell you that Phiser drugs announced a fully tested vaccine for covid 19. you take it in two shots a couple of weeks between. My husband is over the top. and now that vaccines are entering the scary story, I suspect this is just what Pres. Biden will do about handling Corona virus. be well

  6. Anonymous3:32 PM

    oops! phiser is spelled Pfizer. sorry.

  7. Jean, the next few months feel far from amusing from where I sit (the US). The rhetoric of the Trumpites is becoming louder and even further over the edge (to wit, Steve Bannon calling for the beheading of Dr. Fauci, or some comments made by people I had hoped to retain as IRL friends but who have drunk the QAnon KoolAid complete). I do not personally know anyone here who is celebrating. At most, there is a sense of grateful relief, tempered by the awareness that we move forward as a still deeply, perhaps irrevocably, divided Union