Sunday, June 05, 2022


A successful day of partial self-care. Four to go. Meal-preparation went well, anyway. C. came and made a substantial contribution, washing dishes and getting the washing machine open (I had failed at that – it’s Daniela’s job) and hanging up the contents. The big excitement, however, is that we walked all the way around the garden. It has been months – literally – since I did that.


So I must have become a bit stronger. The trouble now is concentrated on that sore left hip. I would be inclined just to walk through the discomfort, except that the joint is not altogether to be trusted. Every so often it gives way and I would fall if I were not clinging to support.


Knitting went well, too. I must take a picture soon, although there’s not much to see with this dull-looking yarn. I have finished the body of the Lilias Day, as previously mentioned, and now have made a good start on the first sleeve – twisted rib finished, increases well under way. Shandy, I read your comment too late to act upon it. You are absolutely right – it would have been better to knit the sleeves flat and simultaneously. All the colour-work comes later.


One caveat, though: twisted rib flat is not quite the same as circular twisted rib, and the latter is better. When you do it in the round, you twist the knit stitches every time. When you go back and forth, the knit stitches of one round are the purl stitches of the next – so each stitch gets twisted every other round. When I started the body of the Lilias Day, I knit back and forth for a couple of rows as I always do, to make a twisted join less likely. You can see the difference in the ribbing. Still, I could have knit the two wrists in the round separately and then switched to flat and together for the rest.


I have finished the second ball of Ooskit, so the next job is to wind the third. They are 100-gram skeins and take a bit of winding. The colours, when I get to them, are in 50-gram skeins.



  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Congratulations on your walk around the garden! That is indeed progress, and I hope you continue to get stronger every day!

  2. Mary Lou2:04 AM

    What good news that you made it around the garden! Keep going! I know there is wisdom in doing sleeves two at a time, but I never do. And working two socks or sleeves two at a time on magic loop is enough to drive me mad!

  3. =Tamar4:01 AM

    Excellent news! Food, company, and physio obviously did some good. Twisted rib is something I wouldn't want to try two at a time. I have enough to do just with ordinary ribbing.

  4. Anonymous5:08 AM

    That sounds like a good day all round.

    I hope the GP gave you something to relieve the pain of that hip! When it does not hurt so much, you will walk more evenly - which is better both for general fitness (because you can go further and with more enthusiasm) and for balanced muscular power on both sides. The latter is really important for reducing the likelihood of falling.

  5. Anything that makes walking easier is to be welcomed.... I'm off to Google 'twisted rib'. It sounds fiendish.

    1. I meant to add that although portable oxygen is a nuisance in so many ways, without it I walk so slowly on rough ground that I tend to fall over!

  6. Well, I had always wondered why my twisted rib did not look as even as it should - and now you have explained it! So, are you knitting your sleeves on dpns?