Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Alexander and Ketki both came to see me today. I haven’t seen Ketki for (literally) years, and it was very nice to do so. Thomas, their younger child, has his last bit of school tomorrow – he is bound for Birmingham University subsequently – so they will happily retreat to the shores of Loch Fyne and I won’t see them for a while.


What with one thing and another, I still have two rounds of the second sleeve of the Lilias Day to do. I hope I will polish them off this evening, and perhaps even get everybody arranged on a single circular for the yoke.


A physiotherapist rang up, and is coming to see me next Tuesday. By then I may have heard about my x-rayed hip and we may be ready to form a plan of action. I have left off exercises recently for fear they were making my hip worse. Perhaps I’ll resume.


Wordle: my usual five. Nobody did brilliantly.


In despair about what to read, I have retreated to an early PD James. I think it’s called “Unnatural Causes” and I have no memory whatsoever of ever having read it before. She definitely got better as time passed, and this one is from her earlier years. Still not to be despised. What a lot of fairly important things have changed: the comfort of a domestic fire, for instance; the ease of phoning people who all have mobile phones. One of you reminded me recently of Donna Leon – Venice! Food! – and I think I may go there. Where to start?


  1. I picked a random Donna Leon book from the Inspector Brunette series because it was 99p and now I am hooked! I read Original Sin; I enjoyed it, but the dialogue always felt a bit 'school masterish' this time around.

  2. My favourite P D James is probably The Private Patient - maybe a reread this summer.
    A later one, I think.

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    For Donna Leon, start with « Death at La Fenice », the first book of the series.

    Have you read any Dorothy Dunnet?

    Greetings from Brittany, Joan

  4. =Tamar5:25 PM

    It's been a while but I recall enjoying the Campion stories by Margery Allingham. I don't think I managed to read all of them.

    1. Tiger in the Smoke is my favourite Margery Allingham novel.