Saturday, June 04, 2022


Here I am home, full of good intentions. Will there be any time left for knitting, if I carry them out? I move very slowly and clumsily, favouring my bad hip.


I had a wonderful time in Waitrose this morning. I have planned a week's meals with some care -- no more going to bed on a glass of Complan, at least for the moment. Braised sausages tonight.


The cats are well, although poor Paradox is in heat. If they missed me, they haven’t said so.

Today's Wordle was one of those maddening ones where one has four of the five letters and there are plenty of possibilities for the final slot. I always do worse with those than the other members of my little team. Sure enough, it took me all six guesses today. 



  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    So glad you are home. Now take it easy and slowly.

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Anonymous aka Janet in Seattle

  3. Jean, with respect, please get Paradox spayed. She is going through hell every time she is in heat and she is at far greater risk for pyometra being unspayed and who is going to care for her if she gets sick? I beg you for her sake to do the right thing

  4. Mary Lou3:42 AM

    Those are the hardest Wordle for me, as well. Shown? Showy? Frustrating! Happy to hear you had fun at the grocery store. I can’t imagine that ordering online is the same. I enjoy wandering and looking at what is on offer. No more Complan suppers for you!,