Thursday, June 23, 2022


Today is Rachel’s 64th birthday. The first day of the rest of my life if there ever was one.


The doctor’s office rang up to say that my hip is arthritic (as discovered by the x-ray) and I must ring the practice early tomorrow to make an appointment for a telephone consultation. What a carry-on!


Knitting has gone forward nicely, except for the times when Paradox tried to help. I have attached the sleeves and have four more rounds of just-plain to do before the fireworks start. It is exciting to have reached this stage. Barring disaster, I'm going to finish this one. A whole sweater!

Wordle: five, again. Today’s word was something of a Wordle special. I had the last four letters but chose the wrong one for the empty slot at the beginning. Judging from the grids, Thomas had the first four letters but guessed wrong for the fifth. He wound up with five as well. The others did better.


Reading: I am happily embarked on Donna Leon, “Death at La Fenice” as you recommend, Joan. (But I am glad to hear that you picked a random one and got hooked, Kirsten.) He hasn’t had anything to eat yet. I haven’t read Dorothy Dunnet – I’m afraid I have an irrational prejudice against “historical”. Perhaps I should try to overcome it. And you are absolutely right (as always), Tamar: Mr. Campion. The trouble there is that I almost know them by heart. Beth, I’ll go back to “A Private Patient” next, if nothing else offers.


  1. P D James: The Lighthouse is also good, also a later one and, if I remember rightly, has a knitting clue.

  2. There are 31 Brunetti books by Leon so you have much to look forward to. Also, I recommend a website called which lists series in order for every author you can think of that writes series so you can read in order. I read mostly series and borrow lots of books and e-books from the library, which has saved me some money (can't say saved me a lot of money because sometimes I read them then feel that I must own them; anyone else do that?)

    1. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Thank you so much for letting us know about the series listing-that is most excellent, as I too like to read series in order if possible-or at least see how out of order things are! Laura