Sunday, June 19, 2022


C. came. We didn’t attempt to walk. I am to have my X-ray tomorrow and I am, as always these days, agitated at the thought of getting anywhere at a particular time. Helen is coming with me. I think we’ll go by taxi so she doesn’t have to fuss around disposing of her car.


Wordle: it was a nice, easy one today. Most of us got it in three, including me. Alexander – blast him! – needed only two. I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had failed. The word wasn’t in my active vocabulary, but that’s no excuse.


No knitting yet today, although I hope to knock off a few rounds this evening. Apart from talking to C., and making myself a not-entirely-successful potato salad for lunch (too much lemon juice) I have been reading my book, “Millais and the Ruskins”. It is fascinating, told largely in letters. Mrs Ruskin left her husband for Millais. One can’t entirely blame her, as the marriage had never (in six or seven years) been consummated. She and Millais lived happily ever after and had lots of children. Perhaps I will attempt to take a picture of our picture for you.

Do any of you use Blogger? Why can't I get spacing into the account of FO's in the sidebar? It looks fine when I am composing, but when I click SAVE it comes out like that. I don't remember having that problem in earlier years.



  1. I failed miserably at yesterday's Wordle.
    I think Blogger plays by its own rules, and one can never really undertand them.

  2. =Tamar9:44 PM

    Potato salad is good, and there are so many different recipes. What protein did you have with it? Or do you save that for dinner?

  3. When I make potato salad my potatoes always end up an unappetising grey. I'm sure this never used to happen.

  4. Mary Lou3:59 PM

    Can't help with Blogger, sorry. When I boil potatoes for salad I boil them without peeling, then peel when cool enough to handle. That's the way my mother did it, therefore so do I, and they never turn grey. Do see if you can put a copy of your picture!